Judge Orders Top N. Miami Senior High Student To Leave U.S.

MIAMI (CBS4) – A judge has ordered a top student at North Miami Senior High School to leave the country later this month.

The student has lived here since she was four. Now her classmates say they don’t plan on letting her leave without a fight.

Daniela Pelaez, 18, has spent most of her life in the U.S. In fact, she says she can’t remember her native country, Colombia.

“I’ve done everything that an American child has done. I know the National Anthem, I know more about the United States than I do about Colombia. This is my home,” said Daniela.

She’s done so well at North Miami Senior High that she’s now the valedictorian.

“Yeah. I have a 6.7 GPA,” said Daniela.

Even so, Daniela may have no other choice but to leave the U.S. at the end of the month. She was born in Colombia and came here with her parents when she was four.

A few years ago, her mom returned to Colombia for medical reasons while Daniela was in the process of legalizing her status.

A legal back and forth left her facing the possibility of having to return to Colombia, something her supporters at school are fighting.

“Something has to be done. It’s just not right. It’s not fair,” said Martha Porro, a North Miami Sr. High employee.

Daniela will spend Friday morning protesting, asking congressional leaders for any help. She hopes they have a solution to keep her here. Her best friend Emily hopes it works.

“She’s worked even harder than I have and she’s being denied something so simple that I and a lot of other Americans take for granted,” said Emily.

“I deserve to be here, I’m a good student, I give back to my community, and I’m an American,” said Daniela.

Daniela can appeal the federal order to leave the country.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency released this statement: “ICE will not take any action … while [she] pursues additional legal options. Upon conclusion of [the] appeal, ICE will review this matter to determine whether an exercise of discretion is warranted.”

The protest is scheduled for Friday at 9 a.m. in front of North Miami Senior High.

  • poorwhiteboy

    Let” keep this girl and instead letS send 2 millian HAITIANS and 4 millian CUBANS back where they belong.

    • c Rimmer

      Does anyone feel sorry for the salutatorian that lost the top spot to an illegal? Prob not.

    • Constitution1776

      Let’s not keep this girl and follow the law of the land. No one is above the law. There is no ignorance to the Constitution. Save the sad story, and stop abusing tax paying Americans.

      Thank you.

      • observerfromupnorth

        I agree with you 1776, this young lady is just like the rest of the current illegal immigrants that think because they have been here breaking they law for 14 years it is owed to them an exception to the law. Well if our government gets off it’s own hands and delivers the law as written we should be able to get our own children educated, and to work without the illegal immigrant obstacle that keeps costing tax payer money, and federal money on local levels. The United States has accepted immigrants for years and years the legal way and it should continue to do so, but only if they go through the legal process. NO EXCEPTION TO THE LAW PERIOD.

      • baz

        You do know that america is stolen land, don’t you? Please tell me you know that? It was only a few hundred years ago too! Who has the right to lay claim to any part of the earth? Oh and btw no tax is paid, it is stolen!

      • John Galt

        Well put… It seems odd, that we, the tough Americans, are so scared of an intelligent highschool girl. Fear mongering is the new black I guess.

      • carlb

        what fear her family in colunbias father and mother want her back. its not illian in the early 90’s where reno sent the storm troopers to send him back to cuba to a father had never even seen or cared about while his mother died swimming 2 miles to bring him to landfall this is different colombia is a democratic country and her parents want her. castro just used him for political show.

      • tnmccoy

        I don’t know if it’s a typo or not, but I like your term ‘illian.’

      • Rob

        oh geesh there we go with the straw man argument… no one is “scared” of this girl. Nice try. Oh and there it is… race baiting. Look almost 500,000 americans DIED fighting over race 150+ years ago. It’s done. Stop trying to dredge up a racist behind every comment. If you really want to find racists look no further than the Democrat party who created the KKK. Nuff said.

      • baz

        John I saw one of your comments down below and it gave me some hope that not all americans are alike! It’s crazy to me that so many americans on here feel the way they do considering how “their” country was founded. My hope is that one day all borders are taken down and we can move freely once again!

      • thussaiththewalrus

        You are a thoughtless radical with no understanding of the human condition. What people “want” or “need” is of zero interest to you, which proves your lack of compassion or thought or care. All you have to promote is the radical nonsense of your childish agenda. Clearly, you are very young, or very uneducated, or very inexperienced, or all of the above. You point a nasty finger of misunderstanding and brainless lack of understanding, and do nothing but blame others with no sense of personal responsibility. Your “answers” to the world’s problems are immature, silly, and child-like. Your knowledge of world history is severely lacking. You have no knowledge of the founding of the new world nor the expansion of the old world. Your understanding of the American Indian is offensive, rude, and just plain wrong. My eleventh great-grandfather came to the New World in the summer of 1635. He left England, under darkness of night, via Wales, because of the cruel, and punishing, and ignorant agenda of Charles I. The English people who came here certainly got along better with the people you refer to as “Indians” then they did the English loyalists.. The people you refer to as “Indians” were good neighbors to my ancestors for 140 years before America demanded its independence. Don’t you think that 140 years of colonial rule is enough? Why did England not offer independence, and to un-enslave those Englishmen who lived in America, long before that length of time? Do you ever think about PEOPLE and their FREEDOM instead of just your imperial agenda and ways to control them according to your ideas? You are no different than any other crack-pot dictator! You want the world to run according to YOUR rules and not the way the world wants to run. Your ideas are those of just another tin-horn dictator. And, a silly one at that!

      • bill

        Without borders you don’t have a country, and when was once again?

      • H Blix

        Baz, what do you make of this then?

        “DID EUROPEANS ARRIVE IN AMERICA before the Indians? “Whoever fashioned that blade was not supposed to be here. Its makers probably paddled from Europe and arrived in America thousands of years ahead of the western migration, making them the first Americans, argues Smithsonian Institution anthropologist Dennis Stanford. At the height of the last ice age, Stanford says, mysterious Stone Age European people known as the Solutreans paddled along an ice cap jutting into the North Atlantic. They lived like Inuits, harvesting seals and seabirds.” Very interesting. So what happened to them?

      • baz

        H-blix Yeah some other guy above said something similar, I don’t see any hard evidence in the quote you provided, even he says “probably”, which means he doesn’t know for sure!

        Besides “evidence” can be planted easily! And it would be very convenient for americans to have this excuse, wouldn’t it? I would say you have to go with the most reliable evidence we have, and that is when america was invaded only indians were there. This is only a few hundred years ago too!

        Like you said, where did they go? Perhaps they moved on of their own accord? Who knows? Perhaps they were never there? Perhaps doesn’t cut it though. As I’ve said elsewhere I am for open borders anyway! We are born on earth and countries do not even exist! They are merely imaginary lines existing only in our minds!

        Countries are also used to commit many murders and only serves to seperate humanity! Is that what you want?

      • Jeffrey Johnson

        Really don’t care. Indians invaded each other. You just have an romanticized illusion about how certain people are flawless and others are pure evil.

        If you want to go back to the situation in the year 1492, then let’s not stop there – let’s go back all the way, to the principles and practices people lived by in 1492.

        We would start by my meeting you in the street and putting a lead ball in your heart. Like that?

      • bbgt

        I’m an American. I’ve never “invaded” a country in my life. no one I know has either. So why the hell should I feel guilty for anything that ever happened to someone by someone in the past? I shouldn’t, and I don’t. Also, as I recall, the first European “invaders” were sent over by your “landmass” of England…

      • fctckr

        Wrong BBGT, it was the Spanish.

      • jgraves

        You’re right. The sad stories change nothing. If you’re here illegally, you get deported . . . period.

    • Austin

      Hey Baz,

      You hispanic? Then stop being a hypocrite and get on the next flight to Spain!

      • baz

        Lol I live on the land mass called England. And no I am not hispanic.

    • duh

      Send her home and maybe she can use the experience to train her native peoples so they quit coming here.

    • freecheese

      Your inability to spell, poorwhiteboy — is a very good indication of your lack of intelligence.

    • obozosux

      Have you any knowledge of the term “political asylum”? I didn’t think so. Obviously the product of a government school.

    • DoDoDobson

      This girl is FOS. How can she have a 6.7 GPA? Sure Daniela…and I’m King of Earth.

    • Koedo

      She has to go. She using resources that could have been used for other legal students. She’s not the only one, either.

      It’s very simple, really. You get in line with the people who are following the rules and paying the fees. What should they break the law AND get a free education?

      I have members of my family that applied LEGALLY and went through the process.

    • DougO

      Let’s give a a ticket to fly first class half-way back to Colombia, then out-the-fu(king_door and let her flap her arms and fly the rest of the way by flapping her illegal-alien-arms!

    • ed

      Keep her and deport obama!

      • Alm

        I agree. I’ll even pay for his plane ticket- rising price of gas and all!
        Finally, a judge doing hi job correctly. What a concept!

      • lar

        Once dedicated ?? Born in the U.S.A are you got a 6.7 gpa?

      • Born in the U.S.A

        ed get a clue. I say deport Santorum and Romney, Once dedicated to the Vatican, and the other one to the tabernacle. OOh, I see, does that sound crazy to you. No less crazy than the birthers.

        I fact Obama, and the Democrats, if they didn’t have to keep cleaning up Republican poop, Can you say Nixon, Watergate and setting price ceiling on oil, Reagan deficits and Iran Contra, (GWH gets a pass) GW and what memo, and oops I forgot to regulate the banks?

    • kilo7

      this is actually one of “those” stories that you hear of people slipping through the cracks.

    • Crashing Boulder

      Let’s send ALL Dummocrats to colombia where they can all get high and stoned for free.

    • caligula

      truthbetold, how much do you stooges get paid to spam that pap all over the net?

      • TDPepper

        Actually, my guess is that most of them are unemployed liberals doing what liberals do best, stirring the pot.

      • tnmccoy

        Guilty conscience?

    • BillyBob

      Let’s don’t. Let’s send her and every treasonous POS who supports her back to columbia.

      • Joe from Arkansas

        Baz-You got a problem buddy. Native Americans have sued for the past twenty years to keep the remains of a caucasion’s remains that were excavated and tested to determine that they were 5300 years old, thus predating the earliest indian ruins and other ciltural deposits. As we speak, scientists have now determined that europeans were in the eastern U.S. pre-dating “so-called” natives. Indians will have the necessary legal actions applied to stop the use of this data in handling all of their false claims to NA, but it does not change the facts. now you know.

      • Ryan

        Love it. Because some Europeans may have settled earlier than the Native Americans who probably immigrated from Asia, any European can lay claim to the land. Even when those “first” settlers aparently died off long before. Okay…

      • Dan S.

        Do you REALLY think it’s appropriate to call her and her friends “treasonous POS”? She had no control over where she was born, or even over coming here at age four. If not for her mother’s health problems, her status would probably have been legalized. She worked hard in school and became the class valedictorian. Try to put yourself in her shoes for a moment, will you please? Also, read the Constitution to find out what the definition of “treason” is. And learn how to spell the name of the country she came from. We are all created equal – THAT was a founding American principle.

      • carlb

        she was not born here. her parents brought to america when she was three. what we miss about this is. her parents want her back in colombia because her mother is sick and will probably die. would you not want your daughter by your bedside?

      • Ryan

        you would want your daughter to have the best life possible, regardless of whether or not she could be at your bedside when you pass.

      • Jeffrey Johnson

        Ryan, I would not teach my daughter to break other countries’ laws for her own self-serving purposes. Apparently you would.

      • baz

        Joe- Hmmmm I would be very scepitcal about that to be honest, I’ve never even heard about that even. I would have to do some research myself on the matter befor just taking your word for it. And what would stop that “evidence” from being planted anyway?

        My personal opinion is we are born on earth! This whole my land, your land stuff is non-sense! It is only helping to devide humans! How many wars have been fought over land? How many people have died over land?

        Also if what you say is true it really doesn’t change much. After all where did they go? Do you know what happened to these europeans?

        What we do know for certain is that when america was invaded 300 odd years ago indians were there! No europeans were there! This is a fact! To have to go back 5 thousand plus years is ridiculous!

        How many of these europeans have been found? And how can you know that it/they are not planted?

      • baz

        Americans make me laugh so hard! Non of you should be there! Apart from the Native Indians of course! The rest of you are invaders! Immigrants! But erm, you hate immigrants?

        No-one can lay claim to any part of the earth! If they can then you should go back to where your ancesters came from!

      • UteDB

        Amen my brother!

      • Gator

        What has this country become, we are now going to lower ourselves to thinking sending this girl to Columbia is right! “poorwhiteboy” is a freakin idiot! BillyBob’s head is up his arse So these are the clowns that speak for America? This country is on the way to self destruction!!

      • baz

        Erik, no that is not what I’m saying at all, I don’t believe anyone can lay claim to a land mass and we should be able to go wherever we want on this earth! Read my other comments.

      • skyehawk

        BAZ…..No one can lay claim to a land mass ?? Then why do you say Americans stole this land from the indians ???…..believe it or not we have indians here in America that lay claim to the “Grand Canyon”….

      • Jim Shue

        Make up the spare room, baz. I’m moving in and bringing the family.

      • Erik Weiss

        BAz, and who was here before the “Native Americans” , apparently they invaded as well, so by your definition, the first people to inhabit a place alone have the right to the territory. Think about that!

      • true american

        You’re a cold hearted, merciless idiot. She’s exactly the type of immigrant we want in America. She works hard and wants to do what’s right and become legal.

      • tax feeder

        Wrong, kick the cvnt out.

      • Walter Lane

        YOU are the perfect picture of the “ugly American”. You jump at conclusions and believe that you are right simply because your parents had sex on the American side of the border. Get an education, get a sense of right and wrong and, please, get a sense of common decency.

      • ditchdigger2

        This a set up, no reasonable person wants to deport her. Don’t take the bait.

      • Paul

        BillyBob, that’s pretty heartless. She seems like a law abiding good citizen

        Baz, you’re almost as bad. This country has taken in more people from more places than anywhere on earth, and for the most part people get along pretty well. Don’t know where you’re from, but most every other country has tightly controlled borders. In a lot of places, the different ethnic groups are at each other throats.

      • jgraves

        What’s the use of having immigration laws if we’re going to pick and choose when to enforce them?

      • babs

        she came here when she was 4. so its her parents who are the law breakers .so at 4 she says im not going with you cause its illegal. ha. her parents have used alot of our resources. so send them back and her. then she can apply to come here legally

      • Karrie

        Hear, hear!

      • Get Real

        Agreed: She can then make a contribution to the development of Colombia and we will not be accused of stealing the best and the brightest!!!!!

    • changomango

      Don’t forget the 20 million Mexicans who are ruining our country with their culture of corruption, entitlement attitudes and ungratefulness.

      • Taz101

        How do we have a 6.7 gpa. Use to be 4.0 max.

    • changomango

      Hey vv, maybe you should encourage your people to be more like “poorwhiteboy” and “trailerparktrash” since they’ve build the greatest economic and military superpower in the history of the world! Cuban, Mexicans, Colombians, Salvadorans, Dominicans, etc…etc…well, we all know what they’ve built!

      • Spirit of 75

        Amen. They built a population of human ants that don’t think twice invading our picnic, if they even have the gumption to leave their little island paradises.

        Someone else had it: they were imported here to replace our own servant class after WWII. But no one ever consulted me or my family and dammit — they have no claim on my country. NONE. My family’s been here 400 years and in that time made it the envy of the world. The Stone Age losers who sit around and complain about us should be thankful we didn’t wipe them out as they did/do to each other.

      • Chucky...

        …and that’s why they all seem to appear on – our – door step.

        They don’t go anywhere else; they just come to an open-arms, welcoming, 3rd world microcosm called Dade County.

        And you’d think their respective governments would be embarrassed about by their lack of social reponsibility?


        They just look the other way, and all the while these 3rd world adoptees drive around with their austere, 3rd world flags hanging from their rear-view mirrors.!

    • Jose

      Well, why well intentioned, if they are here legally, then we need to reform the system, not substitute persons based on demographics.

    • JOHN T. FOX


      • Joe from Arkansas

        I agree with you john. She asserts that she “knows it all” with regard to America and then demonstrates the monumental arrogance about our laws. They mean nothing to her as they meant nothuing to her mother and father. Her claim cannot be validated by law, custom or reason. She is welcome leave and perhaps return when she has followed the legal immigration steps that we have sop graciously provided so many millions before her.

      • Garry Barnes

        She should use her education to help her people in Columbia.

      • wiselatina2theright

        Absolutely, 100% agree. Besides, as a Colombian citizen, she is can enroll in the public universities there …and the tuition is free. Her family lied, cheated and stole to gain illegal admittance into this country….that is no badge of honor. It makes a mockery out of all of those immigrants who have respected our laws, including families like mine.

        It’s the same mentality of unjustified entitlement. The fact that she does well academically should have absolutely no bearing on whether or not she is deported. She is an illegal alien who has reaped the benefits for 18 years from the taxpayers. She deserves none of it and now the party is over. Deal with it. REAL Americans have had enough of this abuse.

      • Ryan Gomez

        You spell Comlombia wrong. If you are going to judge, learn English. Also, Colombia is a highly educated country.

      • Ryan Gomez

        Wow, I can’t type. Colombia….

      • Ryan Gomez

        Wow, I can’t type today. If people are going to judge the education of a country or a person, they should learn english and the spelling of the country right.

      • Ar Amytas

        Knows it all!?!?!? What about paying taxes?? Do these illegals know about THAT. Do they think this is The Garden of Eden here and they can just get everything for free?? AND don’t give this raceist s*it as I have been with the U.S. Treasury for years and I know how they operate. Know how they avoid ANY taxes at all while bringing home $40K plus. Get over you bleeding heart B.S. and read the writing on the wall!!

      • Gator

        You are ignorant!

      • kathy purdy

        Who is OSOMA and what does he have to do with this, fool? We need to realize that we are a country that includes former territories owned by Spanish and French descendants. Mr. Fox, I’m sure if you went back in your history, your own descendants were as illegal as this girl is now. She is a good ciitizen and this country has a lot invested in her. She is a CHILD who knows no other country but this one. Have heart and a brain.

      • lee

        way to display your ignorance.
        this has nothing to do with Obama.
        you ditz
        and using all caps is considered either rude,ignorant
        or an attention seeker.
        which of those are you and id like to see your papers too mr fox
        you sound like you might be related to the former president of mexico
        since you share the same last name.

      • Joe Mama

        You are 100% correct. It is chaos if the law doesn’t matter.

  • daimen bokk

    Wow give illegal aliens a free education and just boost the grades without any merit, I would love a 6.7 gpa!! But the sad fact is my college only gives 4.0 to the perfect students

    • Ruckus

      Right Damian. 2.7 Pts above perfect. Now that is difficult to do.

      • Bob

        No, for a Superior student who is taking a Honors or Advance Placement Course, an A is worth more and schools give them points above the amount one would receive in a less demanding, regular class. THese Honors courses are as hard, or harder, than a college course and demand far more effort than any other high school course. Many times such courses will allow a student
        to get college credit. Some are even taken at a local college.

      • alnga

        She is no doubt a great student how does that give her the privilege of avoiding the law which is in place to protect us. my family had to wait nearly 8 years to come in legally. China has great students that are now hacking our sensitive web sites from China, brilliance does not protect us.

      • Jerry

        She has almost reached the same level as our Kenyon president. Of course, we can’t verify that. I worked in education for a number of years and have never even heard of a GPA higher than 4.0.

      • Chief Willie

        My youngest son graduated High School with a 107% average. He took all honors courses and college level courses. He was a National Merit Scholar and now has his PhD. It WAS difficult….he worked his butt off from the first grade through college and grad school. This young lady worked hard also and should be allowed to stay in the country. She committed NO crime and should be given the chance to ACE the citizenship test.

    • Riptide80

      High School GPA’s are heightened by taking and excelling at college courses, which are justly weighted more. So, to say “without merit” is pretty ignorant. Her brother is a citizen in the military, her father as well. Merit is well earned.

      • UteDB

        You my friend are a huge part of the problem. Citizenship is not a right; it’s EARNED. You are obviously a Kool-Aid drinking Marxist Democrat.

      • R_S

        ahh, Karma…

      • Ruth

        We have had how many amnesties already. If she has been here that long then someone should have signed her up for the amnesty. I am sick of illegal aliens acting like we owe them something. They need to be deported so they can come back the right way and stop taking cuts in front of those who are doing it the right way.

      • keefers

        free cheese that name says it all she is not supposed to be here what part of illegal don’t you get

      • Jamesb

        Un huh. And everybody gets a ribbon, a trophy and 100 pats on the back, right? Sure, got it.

      • lee

        normally im on the other side of this one but seeing the mentality of the nutcases comparing her to Obama and showing their ignorance about ‘weighted grades’ makes take a second and realize.
        each case is different and unique.
        the goose steppers on here make me nervous

      • Lee

        You don’t know the half of it. Our government has openly betrayed us by encouraging the invasion by millions of military age men from Mexico and South America. That is why more people are joining National Socialist Movement every day. Not out of hate but for survival. nsm88.org

      • BillyBob

        but she’s still nothing more than an illegal alien/parasite sucking off of Americans.

      • sirtango

        Merit yes, citizenship no.

        “I know the National Anthem, I know more about the United States than I do about Columbia.” Then she should realize the penalty for being here ILLEGALLY. Murderers don’t get off free if they are caught after many years so why should she?

        She said:“I deserve to be here, I’m a good student, I give back to my community, and I’m an american,”

        She deserves to have her illegal behind deported! She might be a good student. She can go back to where ever and teach! She might give back to her community. She is NOT an American. She is STILL an ILLEGAL ALIEN!!!!

      • me

        With 60% being a passing grade it’s pretty easy to rack up GPA points “taking and excelling at college courses”.

      • me

        lee: “normally im on the other side”

        You lie.

      • politicalgrandma

        Oh, the libs just picked her to get the backlash going. They could be deporting the criminal illegals (those who have committed crimes since they committed the crime of breaking and entering our country), but they don’t. So this is just another smokescreen being used by the liberals.

      • beedogs

        Hey, how did you “earn” your American citizenship, UteDB? All that hard work you did by being born here? Fool.

      • GFM

        You mean she got extra credit for being non-white.

    • SV

      you should add another k to your last name racist idiot

    • bk

      This sounds like a set-up to me. What a way to keep this in our nationall conscience. Find the brightest student and then try to deport her. What about all the lowlife criminals?

    • Wiselatina2theright

      Daniela and all the illegals like her make a mockery of those immigrants who respected our laws, our families who didn’t lie, cheat and steal to gain entrance into this nation. She is by no measure an AMERICAN. She hasn’t a clue. She owes this nation over 120, 000 dollars for her public school education. She also obtained health care and free lunch and free breakfast. PAY IT BACK, go back to Colombia and then begin your admission procedure at the back of the line, behind all of those that have been waiting. Shame on you, Daniela…sin verguenza.

      • Kaitara

        This was not her choice, she was brought here at age 4. What is a 4 year old gonna do, run away back to Columbia? Her mom says go to school, what is she gonna say, NO I am not an American I won’t go? Being a High School Valedictorian, means she was well educated and didn’t throw her education in the toilet, like other illegals, and many more American kids. We should wish our kids had this much intelligence. chances are she will pay society back, in the taxes she pays to the government. I am very big on illegal immigration, all the drugs, human trafficking, the rape of our resources, etc… but her mother should be held accountable. She is the one responsible for this, not the child.

    • Sue Smith

      TRUTH! This student and many, many like her are cheaters! She has broken our American law and cheated her way through our system. She should have been deported along time ago, never to return to US soil! She has committed a crime. Why is she being supported by the United States of America, her school administration, the schoolmates? This is all wrong and contributing to the present demise of our Country. Send her back from whence she came!

    • Von Veezil

      The law is clear. Simpson – Mizzoli Immigration act of 1986 is the law of the land. Section 102 pertains to her parents , who came here illegally and brought her here illegally. She’s done well, but all under the gize of being here illegally. Sorry, but she must go to the end of the line if she wishes to remain here.She is 18 about to graduate. Her mother left her here? A few yrs ago? Where and who has she been living with? The law is the law. One thing not mentioned in this article is did she know she was an illegal?

    • Kaitara

      Ordinarily I would say deport her. But she was brought here, by her parents, at age 4. She didn’t have any choice to be here or not. She was educated here, and it looks to me, as the education process has done her well, she is not a menace to society, doesn’t have a criminal record, and looks to me as if she will not be one on welfare taxing our resources. Yet the obama administration, leaves the criminals illegal aliens here and they end up bringing in more drugs, raping more women and little girls, and actually killing Americans. They put them in jail let them loose and then an American gets hurt or killed by them. Yet that is the standard practice here. But this young girl did nothing wrong and is here through no fault of her own. I don’t think she should go to the head of the line, but she should be allowed to stand IN the line, and stay here till a decision can be made. Someone from that town will surely sponsor her?

      • KH

        she is not a menace to society, she is not a menace to society- other than comitting fraud and identity theft
        looks to me as if she will not be one on welfare taxing our resources- you mean aside from the resource she has already drained

    • herradler1021

      Hey, Court Justice system —– Great. Here is a young girl, doing VERY WELL in school who is ordered out of the country. This is the type of immigrant WE WANT to come to and stay as a welcomed citizen. MEANWHILE, both an aunt (YEARS on welfare) and an uncle of our “legal” President of the United States, remain in this country despite having been ordered to be deported MANY YEARS AGO ! Our country is being torn asunder from within. If far reaching changes are not made in the very near future, our country is going to wither away.

    • SirGareth

      You get 6.0 point for being an illegal; its part of the EEOC program. She go the additional 0.7 for for attending a class.

    • John Galt

      Let’s throw out all the smart, motivated, dedicated and caring people so us REAL Americans have a better shot at getting jobs. Fear above reason, that’s what I always say.

      • Eric

        John Galt: Are you suggesting that, among the hundreds of thousands of potential immigrants on waiting lists all around the world who are trying to do it LEGALLY, there are no future valedictorians?

        Illegal is illegal. By your standard we’d forgive bank robbers who donate to charity or help old ladies cross the street.

        She’ll be just as smart back home. They have doctors in her country too, you know.

      • reason

        “She’s worked even harder than I have and she’s being denied something so simple that I and a lot of other Americans take for granted,” said Emily.

        You could say the same thing about those who are on the waiting list to immigrate into this country legally.

      • European Pilgrim

        Here’s the law that was broken…she either walked or was carried across an invisible line. You break that same law frequently when you jaywalk or cross the solid yellow line while driving and texting. Quite a heinous crime, wouldn’t you agree? Certainly it’s worthy of thousands of tax dollars to send a person “back where he or she came from.” Worry about your own contribution to the world and stop whining about people who are making something of their lives.

      • ChrisAR

        Closing against the light does not result in me receiving $120K in elementary education and other tax payer funded support. It does, however, put me at risk of being run down by a passing truck. Your analogy is simplistic to the point of pointlessness.

      • John Galt

        Well said Euro Pilgrim :)

      • olegunny

        Columbia needs her more than we do, send the illegal alien home.

      • wiselatina2theright

        Daniela….have some dignity and respect for the nation that your family has taken advantage of for 18 years. Go back to Colombia, go to school there, earn your degree. Help your people there. You have every right to protest, march, demand rights and benefits and privileges of citizenship in COLOMBIA…not here. We American citizens including those of us whose parents came here LEGALLY are done hearing illegal aliens demand citizenship and in-state tuition benefits. It’s not your right, it’s a privilege that is reserved by those who voluntariily submit and comply with our laws. Please don’t insult American citizens by claiming that you are American.
        LIke it or not, your parents made some bad decisions, you reaped 12 years of free public education and many other benefits. Just say thank you and go home. It’s the least YOU can do.

      • KH

        Galt, what you are saying is that she took money from our country to be educated and used a false social secuirty card to gain benifits not due her, but that’s okay as long as she worked hard. Fraud is good as long as it is used by someone working to better themselves right?

      • Blammo

        The kid will be far better off in beautiful Colombia. True freedom and excellent opportunities since she also speaks Ingles. She should be overjoyed for the free flight back.She, like 99% of the brainwashed idiots up there, doesn’t know what she is trying to avoid is a chance at an awesome life.

      • TheRealKingMax

        “Galt”, drop dead.

        You’re always lurking in the blogs with your snideazz leftist remarks.

        Tell you what:

        SHE can stay, we’ll deport YOU.

        Sounds like a win-win to me….

      • rule of law over emotion

        If she is so smart and dedicated, why is she so fat? I am pretty sure she is at great risk for developing diabetes soon. Wouldn’t a “smart and dedicated” person lose weight for her health? Truth is, if she stays she will most likely have diabetes soon and will be getting very expensive medical care paid for by the rest of us, well the 50% who actually pay more than we get.

        Being a good student and a caring person does not excuse the fact that she is here illegally. Deport her NOW and her whiny friends. This is not fear over reason it is the rule of law over emotions. I am sure I can find a reason why every person who comes to the U.S. shouldn’t have to leave. I am sure I can find a reason why every African, Indian, and Chinese person should be able to come live here. Fact is, we can’t let everybody come here and we need to enforce our laws and quit letting over-emotional people such as John Galt ignore the rule of law because it makes them feel better.

      • GFM

        You’re damn right.

      • Russ in OR

        Let’s let this illegal alien cut in line in front of all the Colombians who followed the law, filled out the correct paperwork, submitted to background checks, and obtained sponsors and employment because she makes you libs weepy with her sob story.

      • Jwden123

        You are a moron, John Gault. What part of illegal do you not understand?

      • k

        She cost the taxpayer around 120k for her education. That money could have been spend on a citizen’s children. The judge should have put her on a plane.

        I don’t know what a 6.7 grade point avg is and I wouldn’t hire someone on that basis. It sounds like a joke to me.

      • Robert Rapscallion

        Yes. Reward ONLY excellence. Everyone competes for everything on a level playing field. If you fail, you lose and keep losing until you get smart and do better competing. But you must be here legally. If you are not, go home and apply to enter legally.

      • John Galt

        America was built on people coming here from all over the world and proving themselves. America now is a place of complacence. In the same breath I’m hearing people say “Kick her out and give me (Americans) the money instead.” I would rather spend my money on an illegal immigrant that has the drive to make America better, than on an American that believes I owe them my money just because we were both born on the same land.

      • KT

        That’s right Galt! establish laws and then expect everybody to follow them. What a great idea!.

      • http://guysspeakeasy.wordpress.com guysspeakeasy

        So it’s okay to break the law as long as you are smart?
        Good logic there, or do you fear logic?

      • John Galt

        Following the “Law” and following “Reason” are not the same thing. A law is not inherently logical. Think Jim Crow.

      • http://guysspeakeasy.wordpress.com guysspeakeasy

        Don’t like a law so it’s okay to ignore it and break it? Do you know what’s that called?

      • John Galt

        When laws don’t work, they need to change. That’s how the legal system evolves. To blindly follow a law without reason or question is the mark of a dictatorship. Last time I checked I enjoyed the ability of freedom to make change in my country. Change starts with dialogue.

      • http://guysspeakeasy.wordpress.com guysspeakeasy

        It’s called anarchy. Are you a vigilante?

      • Emilee

        I feel sorry for her as an individual, but her parents are responsible for the situation she’s in. And you don’t change the rules for the exception. There are plenty of smart, motivated, dedicated, caring and LAW ABIDING individuals with their own life stories waiting in line to get into the US all around the world.

        It’s not fair to them or to American Citizens and Tax Payers that our government would encourage law breakers to enter our country illegally and sponge off our tax paying citizens.

        If she came here when she was 4 and still isn’t a citizen, that’s a lot of years to be getting the paperwork done, even if her mom did travel back to Columbia a few times. Either the citizenship is not that important to them, or they just assumed they could stay illegally.

      • sick of it already

        Really the fact of the matter is she is here illegally yea that means it is against the law. I think its great shes done ok in school but that does not mean it is ok for her or her parents to break our laws just go to Columbia or Mexico illegally and see if you get a pass because you happen do well in one of their schools your but would be jailed or kicked out asap we are the only country in the world that does not enforce our borders. I guess it sucks to be her get over it.

      • Wiselatina2theright

        Somehow daniela missed the simplelesson that cheaters should not prosper. She and her supporters make a mockery of what it is to be an american citizen. No daniela,you are most definitely NOT an American. Ypu are an illegal alien from colombia..demanding that which you have not earned. Demanding to be rewarded with citizenship and better treatment than the tens of thousands of legal immigrants who have respected our laws. You are a self-entitled foolish girl. Go to Colombia…your country needs you there. And the public universities there are free for its citizens like you. Stop your whining. Congressional leaders have taken an oath to serve and protect our laws and our. Itizens…not act for the benefit of illegal aliens. Did you miss that gonerment class?

      • Russ in OR

        Let’s keep out all the Colombians who went through the trouble to legally apply for admission, proved their identity, submitted to a background check, found a sponsor, and lined up employment so there is more room for illegals with a sob story.

      • Rationalist

        How bout we just start obeying the laws …? That’s not fear, that is reason !

      • Chief Willie

        Nah !! Let her get a DUI and swear that she’s an Obama Cousin. Maybe go on welfare for 25 years and swear that she’s an Obama neice. Those excuses have worked up in New York lately. (actually with an Obama Aunt and Uncle)

      • Jeffrey Johnson

        That is bull.
        First, who’s to say Columbia does not need a good student to help their country?
        Second,, who’s to say this girl is not better off back in her home country?
        Third, it is principle you moron, not “fear”. You probably can’t quite understand what “principle” means, since I never hear people of your persuasion use the word.
        The principle is that people born here have the birthright, and people that come from elsewhere have to ASK PERMISSION. I have been in plenty of foreign countries, and I ALWAYS followed that country’s rules about entry. I have ZERO sympathy for people who enter here without asking permission, with a list of demands, and most of which refuse to assimilate.
        For every 1 valedictorian illegal, there are a MILLIONhere that are hanging around, on the dole, driving drunk, and in gangs. I guarantee you that any possible good this valedictorian would do is far outweighted by the damage that MS13 and other gangs are doing.
        You just can’t get your head around the big picture because you are caught up in the rare exception story. Get a friggin clue. We can’t support the whole damned world. We are BROKE, in case you have not seen the US debt picture – $16 TRILLION, and growing by $1.5 TRILLION year after year.

      • BlackConservative

        You sir should change your call sign. The real John Galt (though a fictional character) would not advocate illegal immigration period. You are most likely a global warming alarmist, weather underground loving, abortionist using an unmistakably conservative character name in an effort to garner some credibility. Sorry…didn’t work – at least on me.

      • will

        If you do things right the first time nobody will know you’ve done anything at all.

        If she was legal and did things correctly first time around she wouldn’t be getting deported. All you bleeding hearts who think she and others should stay based on some sort of merit are delusional. My ancestors used ellis island and… O geez go figure they got citizenship.

        Go through the legal channels. If the country is full? THEN GTFO. Why is this an issue.

        if you sneak into some countries, you go to jail, if you sneak into others, you disappear forever!!! Be glad she just getting sent home.

      • Frank

        And, of course, those are ONLY people who come here illegally, right?
        What part of illegal don’t you get, Mr. Smart REAL American?

      • GaryTisdale

        Something else that never happened. After the coup and cover up much of the daily news is orchestrated by unelected officials who took over Washington and the media. Even Disqus commenting systems were knocked out today to prevent the truth from spreading.

        We have no president, no democracy, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      • Ron

        Galt that is certainly some deep thinking you did . I am quite certain this attractive young lady would not be sent home if she were failing because then the event would not generate knee jerk sympathy from emoticons like you.

      • John Galt

        It’s not sympathy but common sense. You keep people of value to create success. I’m sure if she ends up getting deported, she’ll find a way to succeed regardless.

        America is on the downturn when it comes to producing quality life learners. To find someone of value and toss them aside seems counter intuitive. The fact she’s illegal doesn’t change that fact that she offers value. Her main issue is getting past all the sheep that can’t see past the law, and follow blindly where they’re lead.

      • Vicky Bevis

        The operative word you missed, John, was “law.” I see past many laws, but until they are changed, they are still the “law.”

      • airedale

        Fine, when she finishes her schooling including college exactly where is she going to work here in the U.S.? No one can legally hire her except an embassy of a foreign country. The Obama administration like previous administrations is heavily pushing employer sanctions against those that hire individuals who are not U.S. citizens and don’t have the approved paperwork like a green card.

      • Septimus

        You must think you’re a clever libertarian. What you really are is an anarchist. Don’t like the law? We have legislative and judicial processes for that. She broke in line. Tough luck. I have two friends from Colombia who joined the US military in order to be here legally. Your position is the equivalent of urinating on their sacrifice.

      • John Galt

        You think that because I want freedom for those that show promise, that that runs contradictory to what our armed forces do? Don’t you think your friends would have chosen an educational path instead, if that were a choice. But it’s not a choice and America can’t find qualified people to fight for it anymore, not like 100 years ago when every man able man felt committed to serve. So they’ve had to resort to letting foreigners fight for us. So, no, I congratulate your friends taking their only option to come into this great country and succeeding. But instead of putting your friends lives in danger, don’t you think other options should have been afforded them? Or do think they only qualify to be American because they risked their life for it?

    • BillyBob

      Consider the school. In a predominantly white or asian school she would be a B or C student.

      • changomango

        Same thought came to mind.I went to a predominantly black high school, I’d say about 95% yet most college grants and scholarships went to the less than one percent Asian students.

      • beedogs

        Yeah, somehow I doubt that. But you can go on living in your little racist world, BillyBob.

      • tax feeder

        Kick the commie b@st@rd out. Being a good student just means you coordinate well with the State welfare apparatus, and will make a good security guard or gov’t tax-feeder. It does not equate with intelligence. Get the he!! out.

    • Guy Macher

      Illegals get 5 points for knowing if they are punched or bored.

    • johngalt

      Are you crazy, you want to invest $150,000 in someone and then send them to the competition. No wonder America is falling apart. We need to run this country like a business, attract top tallent.

      • keefers

        nomatter how educated iam i could not just walk in any where and start work i’d go to jail for tresspassing why is she differant tell me

      • KH

        Who invested? She just took it. Investing implies money given willingly in exchange for the promise of a return on that investment. She commited fraud to become educated. By your premise, I should be able to walk into a college and use false identities, etc to get a free education as long as I get good grades.

      • wiselatina2theright

        Daniela is just another self-entitled illegal alien fool. She wants , she demands and she protests…..not too smart when you have no right to do so in a foreign country in which your family has so disrespected and taken advantage of for 18 years.

        I’m hoping that the prosecutors ask themselves this question…..what will they say to the immigrants with pending applications for citizenship who have played by the rules, and entered here legally …..? Daniela gets to jump the line because she’s demanded it and was clever enough to evade deportation for 18 years…all the while pretending to be a dutiful citizen?; Did Daniela engage in identity fraud, using other’s identities to obtain services, benefits or even a driver’s license? How many public benefits did she use besides the 120,000 worth of public school education?

      • Eric

        I find it rather ironic that someone whose screen name is John Galt would champion the cause of illegal aliens. They are a net drain on the producers, and are, on the average, non-producers.

        This young lady is smart, talented, and Columbian. I’m sure she’ll make a fine addition to the medical community in Columbia, and I wish her luck in her future endeavors. Good by.

      • Auzzievick

        America is falling apart because we don’t demand excellance from our students. We graduate approx. 200 Ph.D.’s in math a yr. & most of those go to work for N.S.A. And they need STILL more.

        Like it or not, women’s studies, black studies, community organizing & related underwater basket weaving courses do NOT make up the DEMAND. It might be interesting & enjoyable, but student debt negates the fun aspect of getting an education in those “disciplines.”. BTW, Souther CAL. actually does offer a curse in underwater basket weaving at the San Diego branch ( I that that is the one.)

        My son, a Netwrk. Engineer, was asked on the day he was hired, with a new company, how many others he could recommend; they had openings for 12 others according to his new boss that they couldn’t fill!.

      • GFM

        I don’t want to invest a nickel in them. They cheated the government and the people out of that money and ought to serve a prison term before being unceremoniously deported. And it’s against the law for a business to hire illegal aliens, Einstein.

      • Logical1

        I agree with all but the prison term, finger print them, DNA profile them, add to a never admit list then deport. If the are in prison, we will still be supporting their illegal butts.

      • chuck

        This isnt a money issue.

      • Jwden123

        You’re still a oron Johngualt. Leaving out the space between your ist and last name doesn’t make you any smarter.

      • MisterJones

        Yep,and get rid of the damned illegals.Send them all back,I do not CARE HOW LONG THEY HAVE BEEN HERE!

      • Wiselatina2theright

        Itwas not an investment…the taxpayers were forced to admit illegal aliens into the public schools and pay for all of their special needs to the detriment of everyone else.

      • polly joe

        Hush you are really sounding silly the word illegal still holds. She is so brilliant that it should be a piece of cake for her to apply to come back here legally

      • Frank

        Yeah, and when I go for a job, I have to prove I’m here legally. You’re right: let’s run it like a business and require employees to prove citizenship.

    • Smokey the Bear

      There is no such thing as a “6.7 gpa”, so this twit should be deported, as an absolute idiot.

      • Eric

        Yes there is, Smokey. It means she did what she needed to do to graduate from high school, PLUS completed college courses.

        Not all districts calculate it that way. Where I went to school you couldn’t get higher than a 4.0. But that’s just us. Not everybody uses the same method. Her district uses the “GPA” to reflect extra effort in higher level coursework. It’s awkward, I’ll grant you, and shouldn’t really be called “grade point average” because it’s NOT, but that’s just how they do things there. Relax. Take your medicine.

      • Eddie Lopez

        you need to go back to high school idiot

      • Carley

        6.7 on a 10.0 scale… Fail

      • hf

        Yes there is such a thing. That means she has taken college courses and thus be granted extra credit. Have you ever been admitted to college while in High School? I have – My GPA was 5.2 GPA. I wasn’t VD nor SV.

        I am a citizen.

    • Bob Loblaw

      Why is it that this girl is being sent back to Colombia but Obama’s illegal drunk ass Uncle Omar is still here???

      • Artie

        Can you say GREEN CARD ??

      • NooYawkah

        Yeah, that’s my only beef with this, is the way the govt. hounds an illegal who at least is trying to be American, while setting drunken child raping wrong way driving illegal alien murderers free by the dozen.

      • Phelps

        RIGHT ON BROTHER! What about the aunt Zuni or something like that? Living off the state for 30 years and then gets to stay?? The girl is in the process of becoming legal, so I say set her stay and finish. In the mean time ship the uncle and aunt back to kenya.

      • John in Alaska

        I have been waiting for 3 years to get my wife here legally, yet as pointed out, illegals are given the free pass so often. Obama’s family is a perfect example.

        Guess since a person already here represents a potential vote as opposed to someone wanting to immigrate, they have priority consideration.

        Our nation has been subverted by politician’s into a facist state.

      • Franvicki

        Dont forget his sorry ass illegal aunt as well and while we are at it lets check his status

    • beedogs

      I’m guessing you’re more of a 2.0 student, yourself.

    • jayjay

      So let me ask you…. if i’m a muslim from iran/yemen/afhganistan (whatever) and I marry an American and 3 years later i become an American too…. My question is: would you rather have me as an American, or this young girl?

      • Frank L. Speaking

        I don’t really know enough about you or the girl to make a sound call, jayjay. If you’re here as a terrorist of some sort, I thnk I’d rather have her. However, if you’re on the up-and-up, I’d rather have you — given that your presence in the United States is legal and hers isn’t. By the way, did you also have a 6.7 “GPA”? If you did, that might cinch it for you.

    • Wii

      Make her pay for the education she illegally received before setting her asail.

      • http://ny9solyndra.wordpress.com NY9Solyndra

        All assets of illegal immigrants should be seized when they are sent home.

    • Posting Too Quickly

      The Today Show ran a sob story on this fat pig invader this morning. The whole MSM are a bunch of traitors.

    • The B obs ter

      The Today Show ran a sob story on this fat pi g inv ader this morning. The whole MSM are a bunch of tr aitors.

    • Phillipe

      WHAT IS A PERFECT GPA? when did it change to 7.-8.-9.-10.0??? Sorry she wasted her time here, NOW SHE COULD TEACH Spanish and English EBONICS TO HER PEOPLE but on a lighter note WHEN YOU HAVE TO GO, YOU GOTTA GO. BYE BYE

    • Travis

      Wow. The racism on this site is unbelievable. Makes me even more proud that I left conservatism 6 years ago. I bet most of these racist comments come from people who confess Christianity. How sad.

      • Kris

        I like how you change this into religion

    • Shawneen Washington

      Thank you Judge.

      Keep up the good work. Let’s get her off the payroll as soon as possible.

    • Brian

      Many schools use gpa scales other than the traditional 4.0.

      • Frank

        Name one. In 60 years I’ve never seen a 6.7 GPA. I’ll bet she wants free contraceptives, too…

    • Shirley Fisk


      Is this a joke? 6.7 GPA?

      • http://ny9solyndra.wordpress.com NY9Solyndra

        6.7 GPA must use “new math.”

        Or maybe, “new meth.”


      4 point GPA is not the same one as the Obama Hope and Change GPA. Under the super affirmative action for illegal minorities -you get 8 points due to the past trangressions of white Euorpean Americans. I’m sure she will soon get a call from the Comander-in-chief offering citizenship and double voting rights.

    • Auzzievick

      Thanks daimen. This “grade inflation” has gotten out of hand. While I see the difficulties of this, it still remains that she broke the law living here & what is the point of having laws if they aren’t enforced. Surprising that her mother went back to Columbia for health care.

      P.S. I was born to a legal immigrant married to an American, so I DO understand her plight.

      • Frank L. Speaking

        And just why is it that you think you understand her plight any better than any other native born citizen does? You seriously think having a legal immigrant mother gives you some special insight? Hardly. You might as well claim you have insight because you have curly brown and a red goatee. . . .

        Oh, I think I may get it. It’s because your mother is an Australian and you think Australians are ever so much smarter than Americans. Yeah right.

  • Chucky...

    I’ve never seen a 6.7 gpa, either.

    …and that wasn’t very nice, vv.

    I’m just trying to mediate with some civility here…

    • Jorge

      That is on a 10.0 scale!

      • changomango

        Then a 6.7 GPA is close to flunking baboso!

      • Patron Saint of Education

        North Miami High is on a 4.0 scale. She has a 6.7 because she is taking, or has taken, Honor’s level or AP courses which have extra GPA points. In case you cannot comprehend this, a regular course might have 4 GPA points while Honor’s or AP courses have 5 GPA points. Having a 6.7 means she is an exceptionally talented student who has gone above and beyond the basic graduation requirements. We should competing with other countries to legalize her because it is obvious that wherever she ends up she is going to be making huge contributions to society.

      • Carolyn Wu

        Patron Saint of Education says,

        “North Miami High is on a 4.0 scale. She has a 6.7 because she is taking, or has taken, Honor’s level or AP courses which have extra GPA points. In case you cannot comprehend this, a regular course might have 4 GPA points while Honor’s or AP courses have 5 GPA points.”

        Even if Honor’s level or AP courses have 5 GPA points, you STILL can’t get a 6.7 GPA.

      • Jimmy Ritz

        Just more made up news after the coup and cover up.

        There is no democracy. Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. The link in my name exposes the biggest cover up in history

    • Emellio Rodriguez

      I’m a bit confused by the stated GPA myself.

      It’s unreasonable to believe she took only AP level courses her entire high school career but even if we accept that and accept she received perfect marks in those courses then she would still only have a GPA of 5.00 – but that is unreasonable.

    • Craig

      Send her and her family. They are criminals and do not belong in America. Just because she is a good student doesn’t give her a right to be here. It is an insult to all the immigrants who earned their way to becoming American citizens.

      Illegal immigration is the #1 problem in the US. It hurts the economy, and makes us less secure on our borders.

      ALL illegals no matter their country of origin should be deported and our borders sealed.

      • ADB

        You’re a putz! You have the life you have because of the same immigrants you so candidly hate. You should apply your hate to a more worthy cause, like the forced child labor that makes all your personal belongings!!

      • granma


    • RPaulRitz

      Freedom is defined as “the ability to act consistent with it’s nature.” The nature of the USA is define in its laws. The laws are what bind us as a nation….she broke the law and must pay….or we don’t have freedom, we do not have a valid nation. In the progressive liberal mind, laws are meant to be broken. The liberal only holds their opponents of their ideas to the law….or fault them with a lack of compassion….name calling, false accusations and out right lies are the tools of defense for a progressive liberal. When you loose the battle or debate you attack the individual…in this case “FREEDOM.”

      • Jim from Texas

        Illegal is Illegal! Where does it stop? Laws are laws so why are we defending the ones who break the laws? Picking and choosing people to defend is called discrimination. I’m not a racist but why should this person be able to break the laws and I can’t?

      • W.

        She didn’t break the law. Her parents broke the law. A juvenile minor is not responsible for the crimes of her parents. To send her back to a country she doesn’t know and a language she doesn’t speak is reprehensible. The State of Florida paid for her education, it is awful that they will not have the benefit of the results.

    • Mike

      Let’s be clear on one issue here. What grades and illegal attains in High School is totally disconected to the fact that that individual is still ILLEGAL by the rules as set forth in our country. The condcut of an illegal has zero imnpact on the status-it’s still illegal.

    • George Baker

      Remember that Liberalism is a form of mental illness and moderating that will be a tremendous task

  • Nonya

    I could care less about someone’s GPA. Illegal is illegal period. The laws of this country apply to everyone. In no way should the law be bent for a few. Get the hell out of our country!

    • baz

      Are you a native american? If not why do you not give them back their land and get the hell out yourself?

      • Christine Golden

        Because my family purchased its land from the Native Americans… or didn’t you know that many tribes made treaties with the original settlers that involved land sales?

      • Jason

        First of all, the native Americans aren’t really native to this land. They cam from somewhere else just like everyone else did.

        Also, there is physical evidence that Europeans arrived here long before the “native Americans” did. So before you start talking about who stole who’s land, get your facts right.

      • baz

        So you are saying that america was not stolen then? You are saying that europeans came to america and settled there peacefully? lol… I’m sure the indians didn’t have much choice in the “selling” of their land.

        Have you read any of my other posts? I don’t care that europeans are there, I don’t care who lives where! To read the comments on here though saying that this girl should get out etc makes me sick! It’s just brain dead non-sense!

        Ok lets for a minute say that your particular piece of land was sold freely and peacefully. Does that then give you the right to say whoelse can move into the country? Shouldn’t the indians be the ones to decide that?

        Say you owned a block of flats and you sold and apartment, can that guy/girl then tell everyone else that lives in the other apartments to get the hell out?

        Come on now!

      • Jean Poole

        baz, seeing you’re from England, maybe they should throw you out to — maybe to where the Normans or Gauls came from.

      • baz

        Jean, That is fantastic! I would love to get out of this hell hole! I however will not beg the TPTB to let me leave (ie – get a passport).

      • JKS

        Because they lost.

      • carlb

        by the way have you read the new theory with proof thru relics. a european paleolithic sea people came from europe in 22,000 bc and populated chesapeke bay before the siberian trek 13000 years ago? obviously not. we were here first not the siberian people who became native indians. as for this supposedly poor girl. if her mother wants her she needs to go!

      • BillyBob

        I’m a native American, born and bred in the United States of America. We won, Game over.

      • rule of law over emotion

        “Native Americans” never “owned” the land. They were mostly pimitive people without concepts such as land ownership. Many didn’t even have a written language and the vast majority of them were killed by disease before they ever encountered europeans. And much of the land was purchased from them. You really need to read some history. I am glad that Europeans came here and built a great country. If you feel guilty about it, feel free to give all of your stuff to “native americans” and illegal immigrants, and move somewhere else.

      • InTheBubble

        Native American? Do you mean those Siberians who walked across the icy Bering Strait 14,000 years ago or the ancient EUROPEANS who paddled their boats along the icy northern Atlantic 20,000 years ago?

      • Babci Cathy

        Yes, I am a native American. So is anyone born here.

      • Wes

        When your right your right!! The Spanish where given Mexico and trillions of dollars of Mayan gold legally Right? I tell you what if we give the indians back North America will all of the nonmayan’s in mexico give it back and leave for Spain? Will they return all of the gold they STOLE??? Pull your head out of your rear end and get in the 21 century and deal with the here and now.

      • GFM

        There is not a square foot of occupied land in the world that has not been wrested from prior populations. Besides, so-called “native Americans” were not native to America. They are only called that because liberals have to hyphenate every person so as to foment racial divide and class envy.

      • skyehawk

        Baz So Who was here before the indians ? Via the land bridge ?

      • feduptoo

        You do know that scientists now say that Europeans were the first people to come here? Story has been in the news days ago, plus on the Discovery channel a few months ago!

      • iExhalePoison

        Get over it. Like Native American tribes never fought over land and took it from other tribes. You people act like it is only the white European who ever does anything wrong. You people think the tag-line “Who is the illegal alien, Pilgrim?” is clever. Ok fine, so what are illegals from Central America doing in northern US states? those weren’t thier original trabal lands so they have no business “reoccupying” them..

      • NooYawkah

        If you’re living in a teepee (or a tent under a bridge) then complain away. But if you’re enjoying all that the European “conquerers” have made of this land, then shut the hell up, you and everyone else using this same tired argument.

      • missABalready

        Hmmm, I wonder if in all of the thousands of years that native americans inhabited North America, did they ever fight and displace each other? Did they “steal” the land from other tribes? It is what humans do.

      • bjonesy45

        And just who did the “native” americans steal it from? Someone was here before you. Are you “native” americans going to give the land back to them?

      • VANESSA

        AMEN …BAZ!!!!

      • seanoairborne

        It has just come to light that the white man has probably been on the NA Continent for 20,000 yrs.Anthropologists have discovered the skeletel remains.And through DNA testing has determined it to be beyond a shadow of a doubt.More studieds are being carried out as I type.That’s thousands of yrs before the Indians ancestors crossed the ice land bridge between alaska and Russia.

      • http://guysspeakeasy.wordpress.com guysspeakeasy

        A native American is someone that is born in America. Nothing else.

        As far as the indians go, the Norwegians were here before the indians. Do you hear them b*tching and whining?

      • sick of it already

        Please try and stay on topic here. Because your just making yourself look stupid. And dont try and throw the race card into this. So this is your argument not a good one. Before you start bringing the native american into this try and ask one how they feel about this girls education being paid for by their tax dollars.

      • chow

        The native americans were defeated and pushed in the reservations and now are just like everyone else are Americans. In other words the people that defeated the natives paid for this land with blood so I don’t care if you’re a native american this country is no longer yours alone.

        As for the illegals…they should have the audacity to at least invade and fight us americans with their blood and defeat us then they can have a claim on the land.

      • Divemedic

        There is a difference between tainted blood and actually being illegal yourself. If my father commits murder, I do not go to jail for his crime. In this case, the girl is here illegally, and has been for 14 years. Simply because you have been getting away with breaking the law for a long time is not an excuse for a free pass.

      • Jack Rail

        What nonsense. Many, if not most or all, Indian tribes ran off others who were there before them. It’s called “right of conquest,” and has been a recognized point of international jurisprudence for centuries. Not to mention that Indians have no more “right” to the land they were on than the next guy or group or tribe or clan. Yours is a lame “argument.”

      • John Yaya

        baz: Ever read about the Cowboys and Indians? The Indians lost, the Cowboys won! End of story.
        Have you heard about Cowboys and Illegal Aliens, if not, you will. The day is coming and coming fast.

      • Freeland Dave

        Christine Golden

        With respect I believe you should check into the histories and cultures of the native Americans on the North American continent of which you speak.

        For one the tribes that lived here all believed that they did not own the land on which they lived but that it belonged to the spirits.

        They did have territories in which they lived and laid a claim to but they did not believe they owned the land they lived on.

        Ergo, while the tribes may have accepted a form of tribute from the settlers to allow those settlers to inhabit those lands their belief system did not allow them to grant ownership of those lands to those settlers.

        When you consider land usage in this manner it becomes more of a lease or a rent paid to the land manager of a third party who retains ownership of the land.

      • Kerry

        I was born and raised here in the United States. My ancesters not only came over on the Mayflower, but several were here long before that. So yes, I AM a native American. Are you? Besides which if you have followed any of the several findings in the last 10 years, you would have known that anthropologists are now saying that those known as American “Indians” were not the first inhabitants of this land.

      • Soylent Green

        I’m a native American. I was born smack dab in the middle of the U.S. in Oklahoma!

    • Throw her ou!

      Just another attempt to make another iillegeal immigrant appear as a victim.

      • j.level

        …and YOUR not illegal is a wonder…
        Spell check…

      • Vinnie

        uhhh j.level… that would be YOU’RE not YOUR. Glass houses and such…

    • dianne

      Hear, hear, let’s send Obama with her.

      • MisterJones


      • Jim

        How about instead of her.

      • Angie

        I like it!

      • Jeff

        Please send him!

    • Al

      Does that apply to Kenyans?

    • rovid

      what if the government will throw you in jail because your parents did not pay taxes or did something illegal years ago ,is any of us no a immigrant ?! let him cast the first stone !

      • mkspence

        The Bible is not a legal test.

      • JLNEWELL

        The government already punishes present day white Americans for the past transgressions of slavery by our fore fathers by granting affirmative action scams to minorities. Stone cast!

    • Brian

      She didn’t break the law. Her parents did.

      • sick of it already

        Then it sucks to be her.

      • AmericaGreat

        That is no excuse for her to stay.

    • Larry Fyne

      If she’s so smart…so intellegent…why hasn’t she gone through the process to make herself legal? Obviously she’s not too smart or just figured she’d never get caught. Now that she has she’s hoping to play on the sympathies of the liberals to forego the process.

      Send her back to Columbia and let her come back through the front door and make it legal this time.

    • RobinNJ

      That is EXACTLY right. Doesn’t matter what her GPA is, or how “wonderful” she feels about this country, the fact is, she is going to have to abide by OUR LAWS and her PARENTS actions to come here illegally. The law is not bound by heartfelt sympathy…..it is the letter of the law, and if she loves this country so much, she would understand it. BUT, she can’t because she is collateral damage brought upon by her parent’s. If she is to be mad at anyone, or friend’s to be angry with the system, it would be better directed at her parents decision.

  • Gatorbelly

    Too bad she’s not related to Obama…

  • gegsr1

    Good-by and take the other 21,999,99 illegals with you!

    • Zjak

      So that’s 2,299,999? If that’s the case, you might need to go back to high school to get a refresher in math.

      • Ruckus

        No Zjak , I think rhey are right. there are over 20 million illegals in America.

      • GFM

        Do you think this was really a mathematical error, or a typo? What a childish, immature and obviously liberal comment.

    • InTheBubble

      It’s more like 35 million by now, counting all those babies born here who “automatically become” US citizens at birth, though the 14th Amendment was not designed for that purpose, nor does it actually say that everyone born here has “birthright” citizenship. The clause “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” is the part of the amendment that should deny citizenship to illegal’s babies, but nobody in our government has the guts to do anything about it. A new amendment needs to be added to the Constitution to cancel out that 14th Amendment that was only designed to give instant citizenship to all the slaves and nothing more.

      • Frank L. Speaking

        You’re beating a dead horse with the jurisdiction argument, ITB. Children born in the United States to foreigners, illegal aliens or others, are under the jurisdiction of the United States — unless their parents are part of an invasion force or here as diplomats, etc. That’s pretty well settled, if not completely settled.

        To keep children born on United States soil from being citizens at birth, a constitutional amendment would be needed. You’re right about that — and I’d be all for it.

      • Frank L. Speaking

        You’re beating a dead horse with the jurisdiction argument, ITB. Children born in the United States to foreigners, illegal aliens or others, are under the jurisdiction of the United States — unless their parents are part of an invasion force or here as diplomats, etc. That’s pretty well settled, if not completely settled.

        To keep children born on United States soil from being citizens at birth, a constitutional amendment would be needed. You’re right about that — and I’d be all for it.

  • Bob

    GTFO and apply legally.

  • LogicalMinded

    Funny… everyone of us are anchor babies from the very beginning.

    • Babci Cathy

      No we’re not…my parents were citizens when I was born…who’s “everyone of us”?

    • GFM

      It’s not funny, and it’s not true. Anchor babies are born of alien parents on American soil. What’s really funny is you masquerading as someone who is “LogicalMinded.” FAIL.

  • Karen

    She seems like a nice person, but apparently her parents want her back in Columbia with them.

  • NoIllegals

    What part of illegal don’t you understand? The judge should have forced her to work off her debt to society first. She stole the education of someone else. She should have to pay back every dime first.

    • John Galt

      Let’s throw out all the smart, motivated, dedicated and caring people so us REAL Americans have a better shot at getting jobs. Fear above reason, that’s what I always say.

      • reason

        “She’s worked even harder than I have and she’s being denied something so simple that I and a lot of other Americans take for granted,” said Emily.

        Reason,is realizing that although it is uncomfortable not to do so, it us unfair to give her a pass on the law by which others must abide. Just because you are smart does not mean you are above the law.

      • InTheBubble

        Are you that impressed by her 2.68 grade average (on a 4.0 scale)? Or does her obesity grab you and prove to you that she MUST be an American? Get real!

      • The REAL John Galt

        Illegal immigrants are parasites. They take, without giving. They demand, without earning.

    • BillyBob

      Nae, just send her back where she came from.

  • DonM

    Of course if she enlists, she can stay. The Army has a great need of intelligence officers. So it is really up to her, if she wants, she can stay. that is probably how her brother got to be a citizen.

    • changomango

      You can’t enlist in the army if you’re an illegal alien! Where does that notion come from? You have to be either an American citizen or a legal resident.

      • Frank L. Speaking

        Correct — illegal aliens cannot serve in the U.S. military. Legal foreign nationals can — and often do to speed up the process of becoming a citizen.

      • Larry Campbell

        I don’t know if you are correct. I used to think the same thing. It just doesn’t make sense that they would let an illegal alien in the U.S. military. But that has been the case for a while now. I’ve heard some politicians discuss or mention this over the last few years. I thought it was wrong at the time and I still do. I also found out that you can live here legally and work here legally and not have to pay income taxes. While choosing to not become a U.S. citizen.

      • baz

        What the hell is an “illegal alien”? Are you saying that aliens are illegal? lol. Honestly I’m gobsmacked by the ignorance that most americans are showing here! The land in which you live was stolen by your ancesters! I’m pretty sure theft is illegal! I’m pretty sure being an alien is not! Or maybe that is why aliens have not made contact? Because they respect our laws? lol

      • chuck briggs

        when u use the words, “your ancesters (F for spelling)” rather than “our ancestors,” you give yourself away. you’re obviously an ILLEGAL yourself, huh?

      • baz

        Actually Chuck I live on the land mass called england. Thank you for correcting my one spelling mistake! Who really gives a damn about my spelling anyway?

        So no, It is not “our ANCESTORS”.

        Isn’t you spelt y o u? Not just u! Come on dude if you’re going to correct my spelling you has better get it right yourself!

        The fact is chuck america is stolen land! How can people living on stolen land complain when others want to move there too? It’s just crazy!

      • chuck briggs

        since ‘u’ don’t understand ‘u,’ i take it that today must be your first time using the internet. congratulations. perhaps soon you’ll learn more about this shorthand that is nearly as old as the worldwide web itself.

        as for stealing the land, who precisely was the original owner? while we’re at it, who precisely originally owned the land that u live on?

        tell u what bazo. if the U.S. ever needs your help in formulating our immigration policies, we’ll be sure and call u. meanwhile, we’ll keep your application on file.

      • beedogs

        baz: when the stolen land is full of fat hypocrites, they can complain about whatever they want. it’s pathetic, I know, but they still do it.

        i weep for my country.

  • Frank

    She deserves living here! Deserves! What gaul. And no you are not an American. You are a Columbian. If you want to get mad then direct it where it belongs. At your parents for ILLEGALLY bringing you here.

    • noname

      And what did you do to deserve to live here?

  • changomango

    “I deserve to be here”, Someone should ask her WHY? Another illegal with and entitlement attitude!

    “I’m a good student”, If she was or is a good student, then she’s smart enough to understand that fact that she was here illegally!

    I give back to my community, and I’m an American,” How does she give back to her community? Does she mean the illegal alien community? How is she going to repay the American taxpayer for her education? And NO, YOU ARE NOT AND AMERICAN! You’re parents put you in this situation, blame them!

    said Daniela.

    • Larry H

      South American.

    • liz48

      She may not be american but she is made in God’s image – that is in Genesis 1:26-27 in the Bible. You are proud to be american – the spirit of pride is the spirit of satan…no wonder from the time the immigration issue opened the door for right wing fold to vent their hatred, the US has been going down the tubes – economy, disasters, slavery to China; and mor3 unholiness with gay marriage etc.

      Obama won because of your voice heard in the corridors of people who would often call themselves “christians.”

      • JKS

        So the Bible gives you the right to break the law? I suggest you re-read it.

      • mkspence

        When did the Bible serve as a legal test?

    • BillyBob

      Go Daniela

      • BillyBob

        Sorry Wrong Name.

      • Billybobble

        Go Daniela!!

      • GFM

        Yes, Daniela. Go and take your relatives with you.

    • noname

      You probably think you deserve to live in the U.S. as well. Why do you deserve to live here other than an entitlement attitude?

  • Jim

    She just got a free high school education. She should thank us, and then obey the law by leaving the country.

    • changomango

      And by the looks of her, a few free meals as well!

  • BillyBob

    She is not an American, she is a parasitic thief. Send her home, with a democRAT under each arm.

    • obozosux

      ROFLMAO. The mental imagery of your comment was a hoot! Best laugh on this thread!

  • theJackal

    Whats not fair is that the American taxpayer has been funding her education and no doubt, paying welfare to her parent(s). You are illegal, you are a criminal, you are Columbian, you don’t belong here.

    • liz48

      Your type are the reason, the educated, informed independents will never vote for your hatred and any politician who represents you!

      • Bob DeMan

        I don’t understand Liz. You are clearly opposed to the emotion as typed by thejackel. He could have been more tactful no doubt. But I don’t see how you or anyone can argue the facts as typed by thejackel. We probably agree on these two points right?

        Problem is Liz … You stated you can never vote for someone who represents thejackel but thejackel has stated nothing by facts. You vote based on emotion not facts. The facts are clear … She is illegal and should be deported based on US Federal Laws. All Americans should stand for the rule of law. But you don’t. You are a liberal not an independent. Just admit it.

    • noname

      She’s not a criminal as she is not the one who commited the so-called crime. What’s not fair is that ingorant hateful people such as yourself get to live here, but a smart and talented young person who was brought to this country by thier parents gets kicked out.

      • anonymous

        Actually, she is now 18, and STILL here without proper permission – thus, she IS an illegal alien. That is precisely why the judge ordered her deported.

  • deegeejay

    “‘I deserve to be here, I’m a good student, I give back to my community, and I’m an american,’ said Daniela.”

    Then why did you say it with a lower case? :O


    • Billybobble

      How do you say it with an upper case? ;)

    • fotodigitalmiami

      Come on. You can figure this one out. Come on. Think a little harder. That’s it. You’re almost there.

      I’m saving your comment for the wall. It’s beautiful either way you meant it.

  • JBfromOP

    A free education and I bet a free lunch every day. By the looks of her maybe two free lunches. Now go back to your home country and fix it with that education that my tax dollars paid for. Just say “thank you, tax payers” and be on your way.

  • pretell

    Illegal may be illegal, but if there is such a thing as ” an exercise of discretion” in these types of situations, then it is truly warranted in this case. The girl is an asset. You don’t through away assets. I do not argue this from a point of fairness, but from a practical point. We’ve paid for her education, and she’s made the most of it. She’s happy to call herself an American, so let’s keep her and she what she can do. I’ll bet she’ll go a long way and benefit this community and this country a lot more than most of her detractors on this board.

    • John Galt

      You made a reasonable argument. You don’t belong on this comment string. This comment string is for fearful people who take our great nation for granted and would rather rant than get off their end and be responsible for themselves.

    • KH

      Ok, and where do we stop? If an illegal immigrant comes over, donates blood regulalry, cooks for the poor, reads to the elderly, teaches English to others, babysits for free..are they also exempt from US laws? If and illegal immigrant helps old ladies across the streets, is that good enough?
      I am truly sorry she is in the postition she is in but it is of her family’s and a bit of her own doing. The US is just enforcing laws she so deligantly claims to be proud of as an American.

    • liz48


    • darklite

      Your statement is at best, pretentious. Let’s review: “The girl is an asset.” And how would you know this? From the article? From the fact that she can smile without drooling? [Moving on] “You don’t throw away assets.” Talk about the baby! Your line of thought is reason why this nation is now on its way to the trash can! You’ve can neither prove, from what information you’ve derived from this article, nor, what you – think – may happen in this illegal immigrant’s future, that she will be an asset. [Moving on] “She’s happy to call herself an American, so let’s keep her and see what she can do.” What hogwash! So, if you’re caught in the commission of a crime, you need only declare that you’re a happy American, to get a walk? You are a disgrace to your fellow American citizen, for having attempted to assuage our outrage with your bleeding words. And your attempt to denigrate those who oppose this illegal activity by inferring that such opposition is of less character than this illegal immigrant, reveals your traitorous leanings.

      • Frank L. Speaking

        Whatever else you have to say about the girl, darklite, I’ll bet she knows the difference between “imply” and “infer.”

    • changomango

      Most illegals will say or do anything to stay in our country, they really don’t mean it, there loyalty is usually to the country of their birth regardless of how much they’ve received from ours.

      • krp

        “Most illegals will say or do anything to stay in our country, they really don’t mean it,”

        Go to any engineering college and you will see a lot of foreigner students that ARE saying and doing anything to be in the country, they are studying engineering which Americans are too lazy and stupid to do. Americans are already in the country so they don’t have to do anything difficult – and of course they don’t They will always take the easy way out. but the foreigners make the efforts that Americans are too lazy to do.

      • pretell

        So, are you saying that most illegals are high school valedictorian? If you are not , then you must recognize that she is not like most illegals.

    • GFM

      Some asset. She has spent her entire life breaking the law and freeloading off American taxpayers. Let’s not keep her, and say we did.

    • anonymous

      I read in an article about her that she is trying to get into Yale. So your argument is that this person deserves to take the place of an American citizen that probably worked just as hard as she did to get into Yale?

      Nope – not buying it.

  • mikesvoice

    Lets keep her & get rid of Barry!

    • BillyBob

      I could live with that as long as oB0zo is not allowed to come back.

  • stogieguy7

    The law is the law and it would be the same for you if you lived in Columbia illegally. Except they wouldn’t let you attend school or work or draw aid. In fact, they’d throw you in jail.

    Fact is, her family was irresponsible. They had all these years to apply for this girl’s residency and they were too damn lazy/stupid to do so. Sorry, but decisions have consequences. I only wish our government would be as proactive with all of them.

    As for those crying over this – they simply don’t get it and are probably too dumb to ever get it.

    • noname

      No they get “it”, it’s just that “it” is stupid. She didn’t do anything wrong, you are punishing her for what her parents did and didn’t do for no other reason than pea brained nationalism.

      • nomorecoddling

        you mis-spelled brain. Its b-r-a-i-n not n-a-m-e.

      • anonymous

        When she turned 18 and became a legal adult, she assumed the blame for her residency status.

  • liddymeme

    If you’re an illegal, you’re an illegal and have to go. The girl has legal citizenship in Columbia and they could use more motivated academic achievers like her to better their own country. There is a process to immigrate back to the US legally and obtain citizenship if she wants to come back.

  • packer

    18 years !!!!!!!!!how and the hell these people get away with this? oh forgot its the lawmakers that cover for them so them can spend our money to buy there votes, vote this propaganda gop dem out of office. our country would be better off

  • Andy

    Obama has agreed-ed to be deported instead thus saving the Nation

  • Illegal ain't Legal

    Sorry kid……get back home with your 6.7 blood alcohol content………what……..oh, never mind……just go home and learn your native country’s national anthem.

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