Elderly Woman Robbed At Broward ATM, Bystanders Tackle Suspect

DANIA BEACH (CBS4) – Maryann Bruno, 79, remembers someone slamming into her, landing flat on her back and then hearing her skull crack.

“I’m walking and it was like a dervish came at me and down I went,” said Bruno.

Bruno described the moment Tuesday afternoon when she was mugged leaving an ATM machine on Dania Beach Boulevard.

“He hit me, boom!  He grabbed my money.  I think my hand went up,” said Bruno. “People started screaming, stop him, stop him!”

The assailant stole $60 dollars and her credit card, but he didn’t count on witnesses coming to the rescue.

Among them Donald Sayers, who chased the robber and stopped him.

“I chased him and three other guys went after him, and finally a big guy got him to the ground,” explained Sayers.

The accused robber, Kyle Scheer was taken to jail and appeared in bond court Wednesday morning.

“It looks like you ambushed a 70 year old woman to take 60 dollars,” Circuit Court judge John Hurley told Scheer.

Then Judge Hurley could not hide his shock when Scheer told him he was a licensed contractor and had $42,000.00 dollars in the bank.

The judge also learned that Scheer had been arrested before on a domestic violence matter and was on probation.

Scheer’s bond was set at $101,000 on the charges of Robbery, Battery, Theft and Violation of Probation.

“I don’t know what the motive was.  I can’t speculate what was wrong,” Bruno said.  She’s mystified why Scheer robbed her.

But she is relieved people cared enough to help when she was attacked.

She says she won’t go to an outdoor ATM again, but go straight inside to a bank.

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  • Carol

    What happened to the saying:




  • gary

    Just when you think you’ve seen/heard everything, someone raises the bar. There is no valid reason this turd robbed her unless he wants to be in prison with the boys. Enjoy your stay!

  • el gringo

    lowlife! i wish i was there, i would beat the sh1t out of that leech!

  • Jimbo99

    Take away his contractor’s license, let him realize that he had a means to earn a living and blew it by choosing to mug someone’s grandmother.

  • Mike G

    Hey cops, just shoot this piece of filth while trying to escape. He needs to be put down now for the good of society.

  • IronMountain

    I wonder how many people he cheated with his contractors license with $42,000 in the bank? This guy needs a long jail sentence to keep him away from future victims!

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