Big Story:
The NBA All-Star weekend was held, I tried to watch I really did, but it was awful. The Heat are off until Thursday; the Panthers won again, but we’ll start with the Dolphins and the NFL Draft.
My name is humpty, spelled with an umpty.

Well, if you hadn’t listened to me before, pay attention now.
The kid is the real freaking deal.
For those who may not have seen it, he decided to run at the NFL Combine yesterday.
He ran a 4.38 40-yard dash, and he has a cannon for an arm.
Let’s put it this way, he’s a more mature, more accurate version of Michael Vick…and he’s only a rookie!
The kid is a franchise quarterback, you give up two first round picks for him in a heartbeat.
Trust me, every team that doesn’t go get him and needs a quarterback will regret it for a decade or more.
Of course, the Dolphins won’t, so we don’t have to worry about it.
There’s always some bad free agent quarterback and a first-round offensive lineman to draft for these Fins…
But I digress.

Panthers: (off until Tuesday, @Toronto)
Well, the Panthers did something I didn’t think was possible…they won back to back games.
Thos wins gave them a 2 point cushion over second place Winnipeg meaning the Cats could be in first place heading into the final month of the regular season.
Yes, that’s right, the Panthers, those Florida Panthers, are threatening for a playoff spot.
You talk about worst to first in a season, what they’re pulling off is nothing short of remarkable.
If they sneak into the playoffs, the coach has to win coach of the year, I mean who else could?
But, all is not well with the team.
They must travel to Toronto on Tuesday and then play a huge game against Winnipeg Thursday night in a battle for first place.
The Panthers spend a lot of time on the road in March, so it will be a tough stretch to see if they can actually get to the playoffs.
Either way, the franchise is finally headed in the right direction and with the improvement of some of their draft picks in recent years, could be very dangerous very soon.

NBA All-Star Weekend:
Yknow, I tried to watch a lot of the stuff, I really did.
I watched the first 2 minutes of the rookie game and was so nauseated at the pathetic play that I changed the channel…and I was at work, so you know it was bad.
I didn’t bother with the 3-point contest and tried to watch the slam dunk contest…it was even more pathetic.
Where are the days when Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan went head-to-head and thrilled crowds everywhere.
Yeah, they’re long gone for a bunch of wimpy, selfish, egotistical schmucks who think they’re too good for it.
I’m looking at you Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, LeBron James, et. al.
Then there was the game itself.
I’m told it was in focus, so the NBA at least got that right.
I didn’t bother, I like defense, which is non-existent in the NBA. I watched the Walking Dead, much better action and the characters have some depth to them.
It’s just a pathetic, pitiful event the NBA puts on and I don’t understand why they keep trying to make it something it’s not.
It’s one game and the rest of it is just filler that no one watches.
At least the NFL and MLB only make us watch two days of All-Star activities.
And at least in MLB, we get the real sluggers take part in the home-run derby contest.
Just a sad state of affairs for the NBA….it’s fantastic!

NBA Trade Deadline:
One thing to watch for now is the weeks of speculation leading up to the trade deadline.
All eyes will be on Orlando to see if the Magic will finally end the misery and trade Dwight Howard.
Everyone knows he’s leaving, he knows he’s leaving, it’s just time to figure out where he’s going.
Unfortunately, until he moves, no other trades will go down.
So as soon as his deal is made, expect a flurry of other moves to try to keep up with the Joneses, or in this case the Howard.

Miami Marlins:
The full club is in house and practicing, with no physical limitations on anyone.
By the way, if you’ve never listened to an Ozzie Guillen press conference…you really must.
It’s about as entertaining as you can get in professional sports.
The Marlins first game will be March 5 vs. the St. Louis Cardinals.
Hey, if you’re going to see how good you are, may as well start with the best team from last year.

Finally, a Mizzou update…
Yes, my Mizzou Tigers gave up a 19 point lead to Kansas….if you knew how much it pains me to write that….
Kansas beat Mizzou in overtime at Kansas.
But, let’s send a message to the Jayhawks here….keep this series going.
Are you kidding me? Did you see the game? It was epic!!!!
Yet Kansas, who I guess got their feelings hurt when they didn’t get an invite to a better conference, won’t keep playing Missouri.
I guess instead of a Jayhawk, we should call them a Chickenhawk?
Still, these Border War games are always incredible, why can’t Kansas see that and want to make money?
More than likely the reason is they’re from Kansas…and trust me, there’s not much intelligence coming from KU anytime soon.
Still, Mizzou is 25-4 with two games left, two winnable games, so 27-4 on the season is pretty darn respectable I’d say.
I’ll take it, cause next year is gonna be pretty darn tough for the Tigers.


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