MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) – A man was gunned down in the street in Miami Gardens in what was originally thought to be a case of road rage.

Now police have changed that theory and said the two men involved knew each other and were involved in “illicit” dealings of some sort.

According to Miami Gardens Police, two cars were traveling at a high rate of speed in the 46-hundred block of NW 156th Street when the driver of the black vehicle slammed into a guard rail.

The silver car behind him then hit the black car.

Tony Chill, who was painting a house nearby, told CBS4’s Gary Nelson that’s when things turned deadly.

He said after the two cars collided, both men came out of their cars. They exchanged heated words. The man from the black car raised his hands in a defensive gesture as the man from the silver car shot him twice.

Chill said the shooter “went back to his car and got a bag from the back, then walked over and shot the man who was lying on the pavement “three more times.”

Chill said the shooter walked half a block down the street, rummaged through the bag he had retrieved from his car and withdrew a mask that he put on and ran off on foot.

Video from Chopper 4 showed police covering a man’s body with a yellow tarp.

He was lying on the street just feet from his Toyota.

Sgt. Bill Bamford with Miami Gardens police confirmed the victim was shot at least twice.

Police detained a man matching the killer’s description a few blocks from the shooting. They are calling him a “person of interest.” Late Monday afternoon, witnesses were viewing photo lineups at Miami Gardens police headquarters.

Police have not released the names of either man.

Comments (9)
  1. Me says:

    A road rage shooting in Miami? This is news?

  2. Tony Sporano says:

    Miami Gardens and Hialeah are two cities that should be Neuked.

    1. barlow says:

      they need to nuke YOU ‘dipwitz’!!

  3. robert says:

    it makes me sick to drive in Miami anymore! Its gotten out of the laws hands!

  4. BadDude says:

    yeah, miami is the worst state of road rage to everything..

    1. Raul says:

      Must be the new cubans that are coming.

  5. barlow says:

    People, it wasnt road rage. cops said it didnt start from that. it started from some sort of “illicit affair’. read people…!!!! Its true what they say…”A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE’!!!!

  6. Tony Sporano says:


    You are definitely an idiot. These comments regarding road rage were posted at the same time the story was being headlined as a deadly shooting due to road rage.

  7. jane doe says:

    pls remember the family when leaving comments. Regardless of the involvement we have to come to terms with a loss. A loss of son, brother and friend. we love love you and keep you in our hearts.

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