MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Nearly 700 Haitians slated to be sent back to their homeland were released from U.S. holding facilities in 2010 because of a year-long moratorium on deportations.

The moratorium was put in place by the Obama administration after a massive earthquake rocked Haiti in January 12th, 2010. After the quake, Haiti was ravaged by cholera and poverty was able to handle and influx of deportees. According to the law, people slated for deportation cannot be held for more than six months, so the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency had no choice but to release them back onto the streets once their time in custody had expired.

CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald reports that of the 687 Haitian convicts released, 90 were taken back into custody in 2011 and deported after the moratorium ended in January 2011. Another 16 are back in detention and are awaiting deportation.

Of the 500 Haitians still out on the streets, some are on supervised release while others are out on their own recognizance.

According to ICE, some are seeking “legal relief” to halt their deportations while others have been granted “an immigration benefit.”

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CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald contributed to this report.

Comments (4)
  1. El Pitirre says:

    Sounds like the Japanese roundup in “42…Are there any real Americans left in Florider?

  2. Libby says:

    Those poor people, they’ve been dealt such a rotten hand in life. I think we as a nation owe it to them, to naturalize them as US citizens. We have a really big country, and Haiti is still a desperate situation (I’ve applied to adopt 3 children myself, have you?)

    Maybe Obama can help them put up in some housing, that’d be really cool!

    Yes we can! Obama 2012.

    1. htm1971 says:

      Libby, you realize these people were convicts right? We should give them housing and citizenship? Let’s reward criminals while hard working law abiding Americans can’t get a leg up. Geezz!!!! Get a clue.

      1. Libby Destiny says:

        u know the law is stacked against black people? Or are you just another ignorant white person that needs a lesson? Jesus didnt’ turn away marry magdaline so who are you trying to cause more pain? perhaps these are convicts because people like you wont let them live in your neighborhoods, or participate in your community.

        i think you are more scared of “black people” than “convicts” though cuz you are using that as your code word. well im sorry but black people aren’t going anywhere and we are the future too. obama will bring in many more from africa in his 2nd term so i think its time u stop being scared and learn how we can grow from each others rich cultures.

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