Unwelcome Raccoons Cause School A Failing Grade

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(Source: CBS) Woodland Community Middle School

(Source: CBS) Woodland Community Middle School


LAKE WORTH (CBSMiami) – The Palm Beach Health Department has given a Lake Worth middle school 30 days to get rid of some unexpected creatures who are not attending class. Woodlands Middle School is playing host to an unknown number of raccoons, and parents are angry nobody told them.

Students have seen them, Health inspectors saw them. And according to people at the school, the raccoons can be heard in the ceiling above the classrooms.

CBS affiliate WPEC said one student was even hit by what is believed to be raccoon urine leaking from the ceiling above.

Health officials were at the school February 9th, and saw for themselves the furry animals moving between buildings. They failed the school, and gave it until March 9th to get rid of the unwanted guests.

While raccoons have been linked to rabies infestations in some areas, the children and staff are not considered at serious risk, and the school remains open.

As to why parents weren’t told about the animals, school officials said the raccoons are confined “to a small portion of the school building,” and do not affect many students. Because of that, “mass notification to parents at this time has not taken place.”

The school has arranging with a roofing contractor to seal up places where raccoons can get into the building.

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