Big Story:
The Panthers win it, the Panthers win it…oh my god the Panthers win it! Plus, the Heat hit the court again tonight; Tiger’s back on the course in California; the Big East continues to stink; and the annual great white hope is alive in New York.
Remember, my name is humpty…spelled with an umpty.

Panthers: (off Friday, Saturday vs. Devils at 1 p.m.; Sunday vs. New York at 3 p.m.)
Well, the fall to second place didn’t last long for the Panthers.
The team knocked off the Kings for a much-needed victory last night and combined with a Capitals tie are now tied again for the lead in the Southeast.
Well isn’t this just a fine how do you do.
I was all ready to call them the Florida Marlins of hockey and they just won’t go away.
Seriously, they are trying to improve as they are 3-2 this month after a disastrous January.
They could use a weekend sweep to really push themselves ahead.
They’ll have to do it on the road in New Jersey and New York.
You are in South Florida and then you have to travel to Jersey to play. Talk about going from the penthouse to the outhouse.
Nevertheless, Jersey is four points ahead of Florida in the playoff race, so a victory over them could be big.
The Islanders, who the team plays on Sunday, is in last place…so at least they have that going for them.

Heat: (vs. Washington, Sun Sports, 7 p.m.) (Sunday @ Atlanta, 7 p.m.)
So the Heat follow up their disastrous loss against the Orlando Magic with a trip to the nation’s capital against the Wizards.
In other words, just what the doctor ordered.
I don’t want to say the Wizards are bad, but you can get seats to one of their games for less than you can buy a drink at the arena.
The Heat need a victory to get this tough road trip going better.
I don’t see why the Heat can’t go into Washington and dominate.
Course I didn’t see why the Heat couldn’t easily knock off the Magic either.
What to watch for: Can the Heat’s defense rotate fast enough to keep players behind the 3-point line covered.
Player to watch: LeBron, can he follow up a bad game with a really good game, and can he put the off the court crap behind him.

Tiger Update:
Yup, he’s back.
Tiger’s back on the links and tearing up the course, well, for him he’s tearing up the course.
He’s around five shots back heading into the second day of the Pro-Am.
Not bad, not where we used to see Tigger, but he’s not the same golfer anymore.
He could be practicing for Doral coming up next month…we’ll see.
He’d be a big draw for the Cadillac…if he has his head on straight enough to play.
We’ll see how he does by Sunday to see what he will do next.

Big East Conference Football:
Remember the good ol days of the Big East?
Miami dominated, Syracuse would step up every once in a while in football, and it was a decent conference?\
Yeah, about that.
West Viriginia is officially gone and someone please explain why this conference should be taken seriously?
I don’t care if you add Boise State in football…it’s still not a power conference and is essentially Conference USA plus Boise State.
None of the teams can compete in the SEC, Big XII, Pac-12 or heck even the Big 10 or ACC.
It’s a joke of a conference now, but they have no one to blame but themselves.
It was a poorly run conference and as other conferences began to poach schools, it sat there on its thumbs.
It could have had Kansas, Kansas State, some decent schools.
Instead it went for UCF and Memphis….way to go guys!
Conference FAIL in full effect.

Jeremy Lin (a.k.a The Great White Hope)
Yup, the Knicks have the Great White Hope this year in the form of Jeremy Lin.
Personally, I’m growing tired of hearing about him, but given how bad the Knicks have been playing, I guess it’s better than talking about the rest of the team.
Kid’s got some game and obviously he’s smart, given he graduated from Harvard.
But still, if he was on the Milwaukee Bucks, no one would be talking about him.
Nevertheless, good for him and enjoy it while it lasts kid.

Frank Haith Update:
Yeam, memba him Miami Hurricanes fans?
The guy you couldn’t wait to get rid of…the guy you ran out of town…the guy you said couldn’t coach anyone?
Haith’s Missouri Tigers are now 22-2 and ranked number four in the country.
If my Tigers can knock off Baylor inside the friendly confines of the Mizzou Arena….they will extend their lead in the Big XII to 1.5 games.
And they’re looking like a possible number one seed in the NCAA Tournament.
They still have to go to their personal house of horrors, Phog Allen Fieldhouse in Kansas to play the Jayhawks.
But this team believes and if they can sweep Baylor and Oklahoma State at home in the coming days, look out NCAA Tournament cause here we come.


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