MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The family of a Miami-Dade man who was found shot dead near the Everglades has joined police asking for the public’s help for leads in solving the killing. The 21-year-old was reported missing back in January and was found days later shot to death.

Adrian Lopez, 21, who lived near Zoo Miami in Southwest Miami-Dade was found dead Thursday January 5th at SW 280th Street and 207th Avenue after being reported missing two days earlier.

“The worst pain in the world you could have, losing your son. that pain never goes away. During the day, during the night, when you sleep, every time you breathe. It’s very, very painful,” cried Adrian’s dad Amado Lopez.

Investigators said Lopez was a hard working young man who left his home to run a few errands but was abducted, apparently robbed and murdered in cold blood. His body was found inside his immaculately maintained Chevy Silverado on the side of the road.

Miami-Dade police and Adrian’s family is appealing for the public’s help in catching his killers.

“Never slept one day out of the house in 21 years. Had the same girlfriend for nine years. Sweet, gentle,” described his emotionally distraught father.

Police know Adrian, who worked as an insurance adjuster with his dad, made a withdrawal at an ATM in the Hammocks. He called his girlfriend, bought a gadget at an electronics supply store, grabbed a bite to eat at a shopping center, and then called his mom.

“He called me and told me he was on his way home after having something to eat and that was the last time I spoke to him,” said Adrian’s mom Barbara Lopez.

Investigators said Lopez was later seen at a Sunoco gas station on Krome Avenue. Oddly, he was in the back seat of his truck with two strange men in the front. Both men had beards and one was wearing a T-shirt with the words ‘Horny Hunter’ and an image of a buck.

Adrian’s truck was later seen next to a red Mustang on a rural road near the Everglades. His abductors, police say, may have met up with an accomplice before robbing and killing him.

“I know somebody saw something. We know somebody something, we know somebody is out there that’s gonna help us find these killers,” said Adrian’s uncle Lazaro Olivera.

Police ask anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS (8477) or (866) 471-8477.

Alternatively, the public can visit and select “Give a Tip” or send a text message to 274637 by entering CSMD, then the tip information and pressing send.

Comments (11)
  1. Mikel says:

    This is too shady to be an abduction! Stop trying to cherry coat a drug deal gone bad!

    1. RickyP says:

      You must not be from around here, Mr. Mike. Stop being whack.

      1. Mikel says:

        RickyP the story does not even match to where his body was found at the end of the day. Come on dude! think a little bit… Lives by the metro zoo are goes down to bank of america in the hammocks then makes his way down south to a chicken kitchen by coral reef plaza and ends up found dead on Krome ave? I think i do know where im from… and who even uses the word Whack nowadays? You should hit the books and get a better education

    2. Fig says:

      No drugs were mentioned….but what would you know…and for you to make an assumption on someone death that you have never met is ridiculous….he was a close friend and practically fam to those of us that lived in the same neighborhood… For the haters that had envy for what blessings he had no reason for him to die this way…they should be punish by law in full extent..just don’t let dem come around here ….cause we don’t want justice…..eye for an eye is all that we believe…

      1. Figo says:

        Eye for an eye? come on man! you were better off just staying quiet and just reading the article

  2. Asia says:

    As someone who actually knew the victim personally, it wasn’t a drug deal gone bad. He wasn’t into that sort of thing. He was a good kid and an amazing friend. For you to say something like that shows the level of insensitivity on your behalf.

    1. Russia says:

      Friends hide things from friends all the time… Just saying… you never know who your friends are until their true colors show.

  3. alexis says:

    First of all,
    no where on this article does it say anything about “a drug deal gone wrong”.
    And regardless, even if it did,
    No person has the right to take another persons life.
    Adrian was not only a son, a brother and a friend to many but was an extremely nice and intelligent young man.

    Who ever took his life needs to suffer their consequences and spend their life in prison

  4. MCG says:

    Why can’t the comments being made just be caring and compassionate to the fact that this young man was murdered!!!! I just don’t understand what has happened to just sending your condolences to his mother and father and family who are feeling a pain that not a single one of us would want to experience, let alone imagine. There is no need to attack my comments, because I won’t respond.

    To the family of this young man, I saw the MISSING poster you posted at Starbucks in Palmetto Bay and my heart went out to you then. Now that I hear this tragic news, my heart cries for each of you. May G-d bless you all.

  5. Joe says:

    I strongly agree with MCG. No one is in a position to judge this poor man. Instead of judging and disrespecting the memory of a dead person. “Friends hide things from friends all the time… Just saying…” Seriously???? Russia & Mike – how about for a split second you guys put yourselves his family position? Think! This could’ve been you, me, a close relative, even your MOTHER!

  6. diana says:

    Emotional appeals? How unsurprising. Suggesting there could be other motives at play here isn’t cruel, it’s logical and quite reasonable. Especially considering the commenter didn’t personally know the victim. Stop being so ridiculous. If it wasn’t your friend, you might ask the same thing. This melodrama about how insensitive the first comment was is asinine. This is a public forum, not a memorial service for god”s sake. Questioning the facts in a murder case is hardly mutually exclusive with feeling pity for a murdered young man. In fact it’s the only way for the police to solve such a crime: questioning everything and everyone involved in order to ascertain the truth, BECAUSE they feel pity for murder victims and desire to see those responsible punished. Not because they are callous.
    Please, forgo the anti intellectual posturing and emotional hemhorraging.
    I am sorry beyond all words in any language known to man or beast for the pain you must be feeling. And I understand how open wounds on your heart can hurt so much they block out all reason. But please, please, PLEASE don’t let the pain blind you to thw simple question : what could have happened here?

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