MIAMI (CBS4) – Believe it or not, Miami was named the most miserable city in the United States today.

West Palm Beach is fourth most miserable and Fort Lauderdale seventh.

That’s according to

Are they out of their minds?

Sure, we have serious problems: high unemployment, hundreds of thousands of homes in foreclosure since the recession started, almost half of homeowners underwater on their mortgages, high property taxes and political corruption.

Forbes also disses our sports teams, except for the Heat.

Our relatively high crime rate is cited, but it’s nothing compared to Detroit and Flint, Michigan, the number two and three most miserable, or to lots of other cities, that aren’t among the list’s most miserable twenty cities.

Our cost of living, while not cheap, is far from the worst.

And they seem to forget South Florida’s people, natural blessings and weather, enjoyed by rich and poor alike.

The list was probably compiled by some angry New Yorkers, stuck in traffic, paying crazy taxes, freezing their butts off and green with envy knowing it was in the seventies here today.

To them, I say, come visit and then tell me it’s miserable.

  1. topher says:

    Spoken like a 1%er. If you think the weather doesn’t bother the poor, check them out during a cold snap or when they are all leathered from the sun…

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