FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) –The man accused of killing two women and a six month old child in Lauderdale Lakes has been ordered to be held without bond.

Lineten Belizaire, 20, who was arrested Sunday by Miami-Dade Police, made his first appearance before Broward Judge John Hurley on Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday, those left grieving after the murders began to share their stories of loss and pain.

octavia barnett natasha plummer Father Of Youngest Triple Murder Victim Reacts To Suspects Arrest

Natasha Plummer (left) and Octavia Barnett (Source: The Plummer Family)

During the court hearing, Hurley listed the factors which led to Belizaire’s arrest. According to the report, one of the women who died posted on her Facebook page that Belizaire was at the front door shortly before the shooting. Also, using triangulation, police put Belizare’s cell phone within three miles of the shooting at a time when he said he was miles away at a casino, according to the report.

Belizaire is charged with the murders of Octavia Barnett, 21, her roommate Natasha Plummer, 25, and Plummer’s 6-month-old son, Carlton Stringer Jr.

Their bodies were found Sunday, January 15th inside their apartment at 2750 Somerset Drive in Lauderdale Lakes. The only survivor of the triple murder was 11-month-old Ladinian Belizaire who was found in his mother’s arms, according to the arrest report. The baby, believed to be Belizaire’s biological son, is currently staying an undisclosed foster home.

Investigators say that a Facebook message from Barnett in the minutes leading up to the murder helped crack the case.

She posted on her page that Belizaire was outside her apartment.

The arrest warrant in the case reveals that friends of Octavia Barnett told investigators that Belizaire did not want Barnett to give birth to the child and that he told her to get an abortion.

Carlton Stringer Sr. — father of the child who was murdered — told CBS 4’s Carey Codd that he barely has the strength to go on. Wearing a chain with a picture of Jesus on it that belonged to his son and clutching photographs of his son and Plummer, Stringer said his pain is constant.

“I just don’t understand why somebody did this to a baby, man,” Stringer said. “He only was 6 months (old).”

Stringer said he was the person who discovered the bodies when he went to check on Plummer on Sunday, January 15. All three victims were shot to death. Barnett’s son was cradled in her arms as her body lay in a closet.

“This was our family right here,” he said. “It hurt me more because couldn’t help them or do nothing about it. And I feel bad that I wasn’t there to protect them.”

Nerline Cassamajor feels a similar pain. She lived in the apartment with Barnett and Plummer up until two weeks ago.

“I have three kids of my own and if I was staying there me and my three kids also would have been found dead in that house,” she said.

Cassamajor wonders if she could have prevented the murders, had she been in the house.

“Maybe if I was there, maybe I could have stopped them from opening that door,” she said. “Maybe my friends bled to death. They probably cried out and nobody heard them.”

Court records show Belizaire has been arrested before. In 2008, he was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm for threatening the mother of one of his children. The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office provided CBS 4 News a close-out memo in the case showing that the charges were dropped against Belizaire because the victim in the case repeatedly failed to appear for court hearings and depositions. The victim was eventually excluded from the case.

Carlton Stringer Sr. said he cannot comprehend how anyone could take the life of a baby. A baby, who Stringer said was full of joy and just beginning to reach milestones like sitting up.

“I don’t want to live and go on no more,” Stringer said. “I lost everything.”


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