POMPANO BEACH (CBSMiami) – The trial of a Pompano Beach teen accused of beating and nearly stomping to death Josie Ratley in 2010 has been pushed back.

During a hearing on Monday the judge reset Wayne Treacy’s trial, which was supposed to get underway in February, for May.  The next hearing in the case will be March 21st.

Treacy has pleaded not guilty to the attack and his attorney, Russell Williams, has said he plans to use insanity as a defense.

Treacy allegedly attacked Ratley on March 17th at the bus stop in front of Deerfield Beach Middle School after a heated exchange of text messages. Both were 15-years old at the time.

The teen has reportedly admitted that he rode a bike to the school to confront Ratley after receiving a text message from her phone telling him to “go visit” his dead brother referring to his older brother’s body, which was found hanging from a tree in front of a church five months earlier.

Treacy reportedly told psychologist Michael Brannon when he received the text message, “an explosion went off inside” and he put on his brother’s clothes and steel-toe boots, which he used to kick Ratley in the head.  Ratley suffered irreversible brain damage from the attack.

Treacy is charged with first degree attempted murder and could face up to 50 years in prison if convicted.

Comments (8)
  1. Aunt Blabbt says:

    Why has he not offed himself yet???

  2. John says:

    Swift Justice for the Guilty.

  3. poorwhiteboy says:

    Put him in jail for life and someone will make him his BIT..

  4. Paul says:

    I do have sympithy for wayne treacy, but in his anger he still should of calm down and take a verbal aprouch. Because nobody really knows if Josie sent those text messages, it could of been her freind trying to cut ties with Wayne Treacy.

  5. KS says:

    So glad none of you have ever made a bad decision in your life??? Oh wait,,, you probably have…??

    1. AnCa says:

      I’ve never violently attacked someone, no…
      This is beyond a bad decision. He wanted to kill her, and he tried. If not for the interference of a teacher, he probably would have.
      Would you still feel sorry for him if she was dead?

  6. TheDC says:

    Problem with the insanity plea is this was totally premeditated – after the “offensive” text she sent him, he texted that he was going to “kick her head in and crush her throat”… twice I think. Then he gears up like he’s going to a gang war – puts on his brother’s steel toed boots to smash a girl’s head in? There is a real small window where insanity can be applied in the first place and unfourtunately this kid texted, rode his bike, changed his wardrobe etc. right past the window. Sorry buddy, you did a bad thing, you’ll make a good bunkmate.

    1. AnCa says:

      Agree. He biked 3 miles!! Depending on his rate of travel thats at least 10-15 minutes. Not to mention the time it took to get home, change clothes, and text a few buddies to tell them what he was planning on doing. When he got to the school he had to ask his little girlfriend to point out Josie, cuz he had no idea what she even looked like. Just a selfish POS who didn’t consider any consequences for sucker punching a girl, and continually kicking her in the head while she lay helpless on the ground. He almost killed her and IMO that was his intent. Premeditated, attempted murder.

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