FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – The Broward Sheriff’s Office has confirmed an arrest in connection with a triple murder in Lauderdale Lakes.

Lineten Belizaire, 20, was arrested Sunday by Miami-Dade Police.

In bond court Monday, the judge said Belizaire was charged with the murders of Octavia Barnett, 21, her roommate Natasha Plummer, 25, and Plummer’s 6-month-old son, Carlton Stringer Jr.

Their bodies were found Sunday, January 15th inside their apartment at 2750 Somerset Drive in Lauderdale Lakes.

“To have a triple homicide in our county is horrendous,” said BSO Sheriff Al Lamberti. “When they got inside the crime scene, even the veteran investigators had a tough time dealing with it.”

The only survivor of the triple murder was 11-month-old Ladinian Belizaire who is believed to be the suspect’s son. The baby is currently staying an undisclosed foster home.

Lamberti said they were led to Belizaire through a Facebook posting that Barnett posted to her account moments before the crime took place. She posted on her page that Belizaire was outside her apartment.

A second man, Tevin Montogomery, petitioned for custody of the child at a hearing last week. He claimed he was the child’s father even though his name is not on the child’s birth certificate, he did not live with Barnett or the child, nor was he making any child support payments. Montgomery was ordered to submit to a DNA paternity test to prove his relationship to the child.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is planning a 3:30 p.m. news conference regarding Belizaire’s arrest.

Comments (11)
  1. Eboni Lochart says:

    he is a godless heartless man to kill a child . save our tax dollars and just shoot his ass

    1. Carol says:

      I couldn’t agree with you if I tried but you know how it is we have to go through a long trial to find him quilty.

  2. poorwhiteboy says:

    But his mama will say , HE Was A GOOD BOY.People like this should NOT be taken ALIVE. SHOOT EM

    1. Carol says:

      I agree with you these kind of people are ALWAYS GOOD BOYS even if they committ a horrible crime such as this I simply don’t get it at all.

  3. Nikita says:

    We’re living in Revelations…may God give the family of these victims strength to carry on in they’re time of sorrow. This is a sad and senseless tragedy. The devil is definitely busy with this corrupt world!

  4. Carol says:

    This is such a sad sad story that this animal killed these three (3) innocent people over sounds he was upset she fell in love with someone else and had a by him.

    Thank God she was Facebook expressing what was happening or there would never figure who did this horrible act.


  5. babyj says:

    just as i figured, in my heart i knew it was a relationship gone bad, why leave the one child, anyway NOBODY has the right to take a life “JUST GET OVER IT and MOVE ON, I FYOU CAN”T THEN KILL YOUR DAMN SELF” YOU CANNOT MAKE SOMEONE LOVE YOU BACK , ladies yall better wise up and see the signs, some think it’s cute cause a man is so jealous and hitting on them and saying I LOVE YOU, real love don’t HURT or HIT you!!! yall better start backing off as soon as you see a man trying to keep you away from family and friends, he will end up hurting or killing you, it ain’t no joke, i been there and the same goes for men too,the devil put these crazy men and women in your life to take you out before you can do the lord’s will. I feel so bad for the famlies for they all have lost.

  6. poorwhiteboy says:

    These women just love to BREED with these thugs. Then when something happens, it”s oh the poor family. Poor family my A.. Try proper up-bringing. Be a baby mama and get paid for it through welfare.

  7. poorwhiteboy says:

    He was probably BREEDING both of them. too bad he didn” kill his own bad seed.

  8. TDA Armstrong says:

    Godless and Heartless was this man and Judgment will come for those who go against gods will. Its important for us to make the right decisions on who we have baby’s from and getting to know people before they commit to a lunatic.. Life is full of choices Its a shame that most people have to suffer behind ignorance and neglect. This world has its priority’s out of order.. there is no guidance and no one who stands firmly behind whats right.. No religion no faith or to much religion and no god. My heart goes out to those who lost there lives and we need to pray for the murderer because his punishment will be far greater than a lethal gunshot. The wrath of an angry god is way more of a punishment then just an eye for an eye… That all I got to say…

  9. Ron says:

    Let him know he will die and then kill him slowly. Very slow… And let this happen to all killers. Everyone must get killed. The killers must know they do not have a chance. THey must know that when they are killing someone they are killing themselves. Sorry but thats how man kind is. To many of us.

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