MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – Bond was set Friday at $260,000 for the man accused of hitting and killing a 45-year-old man on Miami Beach.

Joao Paulo Escudero Mauro, 20, of Aventura, stood in front of a judge Friday. He is charged with DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide, cocaine possession and carrying a driver’s license with a fake birthday on it.

The judge said once Escudero Mauro posts the bond, he’ll be held on GPS-monitored house arrest at his family’s home in Aventura. He was also ordered to surrender his passport after prosecutors argued he is a flight risk.

Police said Escudero Mauro was driving a silver Mercedes SUV northbound on Collins Avenue at a high rate of speed early Thursday morning when he suddenly swerved into the parking lane at 39th Street.

According to Mauro’s arrest affidavit, he was doing more than 60 mph on a street where the posted limit is 30 mph.

The SUV struck 45-year-old Russell Knudson who was trying to load his bike into a gold Toyota and then slammed into a light pole which toppled to the ground. Knudson has just left work.

Neither the driver of the Toyota or the six people in the SUV was hurt.

A small bag of cocaine was found on the scene and Escudero Mauro’s arrest report said officers noted a “white powdery substance in his left nostril.”

His defense attorney argued Friday that it was simply dust from the air bag that went off.

“Judge, there is nothing in this probable cause affidavit indicating that he was driving and he was impaired,” said the attorney.

The judge asked about the white, powdery substance on his nostrils and the defense lawyer replied, “It was simply from the air bag that deployed in his face.”

The prosecutor countered with the argument that Escudero Mauro failed all of the field sobriety tests, however, police said on-scene breathalyzer test was below the legal limit at .007.

During questioning, Mauro said he had been drinking earlier in the evening. He also said he swerved to avoid hitting a vehicle which had stopped in front of him.

According to police, Mauro had on him a Brazilian state identification card which had an altered birth date which indicated that he was older than 21 years old.

Police said Mauro is from a wealthy family in Brazil and would be considered a flight risk if released on bail. The Brazilian Consulate was notified of his arrest.

Mauro was a racecar driver. Online there are numerous images and articles about him noting that he raced in the U.S. and Canada.

Comments (27)
  1. mada8355 says:

    NO bond….or this guy will fly!!!!!

  2. mada8355 says:

    $260K is nothing for a rich Brazilian family……

  3. Tony Sporano says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim. This guy deservs life. Money will not bring back anyone.

  4. mada8355 says:

    a 20 year old in a new Mercedes = $$$$$$

  5. Beto Sabio says:

    O Brasileiro..Bonzinho ?

    Someone else’s Fault….. Car stopped in front of Me!
    Doing 60mph on city street ok! ‘Ta Legal!

    In Brazil, Custom is to Drive at night… with Only Parking Lights. So Cool!
    I lived in Sao Paulo 3 years! Driving at Night was a Real Adventure!

  6. good s. american driver says:

    My prayers go out to all the people in Miami / Cuba that have been run over by south american drivers and those that will eventually be killed while minding their own business. Hopefully, more lawyers will be killed by drunk drivers.

  7. kuban coffee says:

    my thoughts go out to the moderator of this board. truthful comments are not allowed, thus making it like nazi germany. anything truthful said about south american or cuba is removed.

  8. George Andres says:

    Are you KIDDING ME!!!! Is the judge STUPID??? $260,000 is NOTHING to rich brazilians, check your currency exchange rates yo! That’s why they come here!

  9. MD says:

    JP is a very nice guy, he does not use drugs. I`m sure he wasn’t under the effects of coke.

  10. Nick Lopez says:

    This guy deserves to go to jail for at least 10 years! These playboys think the they can come over here an party as if they were in their own playground, driving irresponsibly and drugged. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t was under effect of cocaine! He had a bag with him, that means some time of the day he would do it!! And could cause a much bigger accident. I feel sorry for the family and friends of the victim, who probably was a humble worker and a stupid kid wannabe racer does this to his family! He should be definitely convicted for his crimes!!

  11. fe says:

    The cocaine were with a girl stupid! Don t judge if you dont know!

    1. Mario says:

      your friend just killed somebody !!!!!

      1. Nick Lopez says:

        Your friend is a murderer!

    2. Marina says:

      tthank you fe! Who knows jp knows he was the victim of a fatality!!!

      1. Nick Lopez says:

        Real victim! don’t be stupid marina! he killed an innocent man!

  12. fe says:

    You can do all exames if you want you! Even the hair examess which detect everything and you will se that he has never ever did cocaine

  13. Mario says:

    Murderer!!! That will torment his mind until the day he dies…
    Want to see rich daddy’s kid trying to outdo the system like they probably do in Brazil. He’ll be found guilty anyways !!!!

    and Fe: “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.”

  14. T says:

    who are you to judge what could have happened to anyone? or you’re gonna tell me JP is the only teenager that drank and drove? OH PLEASE. and for your concern he never did and never will do cocaine, the bag wasnt his and the exam already proved he did NOT use it, so stop being ignorant and have some respect for him, who has the biggest heart ive ever seen in my life. he never intent to hurt anyone and does not deserve all this stupid comments. dont judge people you dont know, it could happen to someone close to you anytime. and your ignorance is only bringging pain for this incredible family.

    1. Nick Lopez says:

      He is a murderer and that unfortunately nobody can change, a playboy drag racing in a mercedes at 60 mph is aware that he could kill someone! so he should pay his debts with the american society! In the US the law has to be respected! Not as in Brazil, he killed an innocent man. After that he became a murderer as any other, you are caring for his family? He still is alive! The poor pedestrian was killed and left his family behind, probably with more issues than the brazilian will ever have! SO GET REAL AND LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE SAYING!

  15. LC says:

    I was close in the courtroom and the judge is passing from a crime to an accident, because the coke went negative, the drinking was 0.07 and the limit is 0.08 and he was 38 mph and not 60 mph, jp is a nice kid he did not deserve this, but bad this happens to good people, I hope this victim rests in peace and everything goes well with JP.

    1. T says:

      ageed, everything will be ok,

  16. Beto Sabio says:

    From article Above:

    ” Police said Mauro is from a wealthy family in Brazil and would be considered a flight risk if released on bail. The Brazilian Consulate was notified of his arrest.

    Mauro was a racecar driver. Online there are numerous images and articles about him noting that he raced in the U.S. and Canada.”

    He Still Races in U. S., the Other Night On Collins Avenue !!!

  17. reallyquick says:

    If he was going 38 why did they say over 60 MPH!????

  18. reallyquick says:

    My comment is directed at LC btw.

  19. mark says:

    Just Die and save us all some money.

  20. USA07 says:

    Acidentente terrivel, rezo pelas duas familias.
    Terrible accident, I pray for two families.

  21. Neon18 says:

    Very typical of the racecar drivers who live and breathe in Miami Beach. They think they are above the law…

    Hope the young man sees some jail time…so tragic.
    This was not an “accident”…come on Florida can’t you develop your legal system or are we stuck in the land of unreasonable here? he problem will be getting a jury to understand the differences between speed, reckless driving, and illegal street racing. Too many lobbyist from the SPEED culture in our court system! Jail Time!

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