Report: Alternative Fla. Teacher Programs A Success

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CBS4/AP) — Florida’s alternative teacher preparation programs are succeeding, according to a new report from Florida State University.

A survey of principals and teachers found few differences in preparedness between teachers with education degrees and those who went through the alternative programs in 2009-2010.

Florida State University researchers surveyed 854 teachers and 476 principals.

The alternative programs for those with non-education degrees are offered by school districts, Florida’s 28 state and community colleges, four state universities and one private university.

The survey found higher percentages of men and people over 30 years old completed the alternative programs.

The alternative programs also produced higher percentages of teachers in critical need areas such as math and science than did the traditional teacher preparation programs.

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  • Retraite

    Wow Cindy,You really curtaped the fun of the evening!! Love the pics with the Mr and Mrs signs. So cute! Emma and Steve really came away with some fabulous memories in these photographs.

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