Lindsay Lohan In “Early Talks” To Play Elizabeth Taylor

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Lindsay Lohan channeled Marilyn Monroe for her recent Playboy pictorial, and now the actress’ next role could be portraying another Hollywood legend.

Lohan is reportedly in “early talks” to play Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie about the screen icon’s romance with Richard Burton.

The news was first reported by Deadline on Monday, and later confirmed by Entertainment Weekly.

According to EW, “Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story,” would focus on Taylor’s long and public romance with Burton. The film was originally announced as part of Lifetime’s 2011-2012 development slate.

GALLERY: The Rise and Fall Of Lindsay Lohan

Taylor and Burton married twice – first from 1964-1974, and again from 1975-1976. Last month, the late actress’ jewelry collection, including a number of pieces that were gifts from Burton, fetched $137 million as part of an auction of Taylor’s possessions that sold for a total of $157 million.

Lohan’s most recent acting credits include the film “Machete” and an appearance on the TV series “Ugly Betty.” Like Taylor, who died in March at age 79, she found fame at a young age and grew up in the spotlight.

  • greg

    OMG – YUK !!!!

    • joe

      Get your eyes examined

    • Really

      OMG yuck? very gay comment, she looks good naked

  • DigitalBob

    She’s crazy but she’s hot. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed unless she wanted to do it on the floor for a while.

  • Melvin

    No but H*ll no. Ms. Lohan might be coming out of her funk, but she is not even close to being qualified to play Elizabeth Taylor.
    Who comes up with these stupid rolls, this is makes about as much sense as M.Streep playing M.Thatcher.

  • Steve-Oh

    If LiLo doesn’t end up in Club 27, I can easily see her going the iconic trash role of Liz Taylor. This girl is a multiple divorcee in the making. Her first marriage will have the tabloid running in full gear years after she is divorced.

  • chuk a spear

    liz gdid a lot of drinking and drugs when she was young

  • Markllar

    She will never act in another major film. She is an addict and is uninsurable = no big film for her.

  • mimi

    Would nt watch that!! Disgusting! Why is she not in jail???

    • wow

      because she’s not a threat to society, and we shouldn’t throw people in cages for no good reason.
      You ever been locked in a cage?

  • Writeloudly

    Hmm…I don’t see it…Liz had that “it” factor …you know that thing she did with her eyes? She was class not crass…

    I just don’t see it. Will see.

  • franko

    I would rather see Megan Fox play Liz! Look at some their photos side by side. Its amazing. And Megan can get that longing far-away look in her eyes Liz did. And Megan has great comic timing (see Jonah Hex)! But who plays Richard Burton? Tom Hardy? I’d be glued to the screen watching Megan Fox and Tom Hardy warily circle each other lol.

    • disc-0-duc

      “But who plays Richard Burton?”

      That’s easy, Russell Crowe.

  • Danielle

    Uhmmmm. No.

  • Hermano Lobo

    Lindsay Lohan , a drug addict, and convicted shoplifter is now the darling of Hollywood. Make’s sense, doesn’t it ?

  • Robb Nunya

    She’s not even CLOSE to pretty enough to play Liz Taylor.

  • trashy

    “…found fame at a young age and grew up in the spotlight.” And there the similarity ends.

  • biker mike

    How many times do the public have to say it, lohan is washed up, too ugly to look at, we dont want to go see her in anything, dont even want to see her nude, just go away, the only thing she can do is the poster child of before and after doing drugs, would be a great anti drug ad

  • LLeone

    Liz Taylor was a a talented lady who could quite realistically act like a tramp when the role called for it. Lindsay Lohan is simply a tramp. It remains to be seen if she can act like a lady. That might be a rather high bar, for her.

    But if she ever pulls it off, it would be an Oscar award winning performance, indeed.

    • Allan Szast

      Might be good for Lohan to do a Tara Reid and disappear for a while and get herself together

  • Joe Dutra

    She could do a better Michael Jackson.

  • Pat Rathke

    She doesn’t have it! No if’s about it. Lohan should just go away. Or perhaps found a clinic like the Betty Ford clinic. Do her time helping people and then just maybe when she matures…and I do mean matures, come back into the Hollywood scene. It is a disgrace to cast her as Elizabeth Taylor.

  • you're kidding right

    Sorry Elizabeth. You were both beautiful and talented and now a far less artfully skilled Hollywood seems to be bent on destroying or making a mockery of your legacy.

  • MustangLee

    There are no actresses in all of hollywood with anywhere near what it would take to play Taylor. None. Megan Fox? Taylor was never that scrawny and as far as any resemblance – I don’t see it. Just leave it alone, this is just one more project that is entirely unnecessary.

  • Jessica Klein

    Maybe Lohan can play the old Elizabeth Taylor when she was addicted to painkillers?

    Otherwise — what a HORRIBLE choice! You might as well hire a disgusting porn actress. They are better looking and are slightly better actresses.


  • Rex Reed

    Please just go away.

  • Peg

    I think she would be good playing Elizabeth Taylor. We forget that Lindsey is a good actress and she is beautiful She just needs to mature and get some guidance. Maybe she should meet a nice guy like Tim Tebow.

    • JJ

      I agree Peg. Lindsay is a beautiful girl if you look past the character. She has similar faciall characteristics as Liz if you look closely. I think she is a troubled young lady who needs some like Tebow in her life to get her pointed in the right direction. She has a lot working against her including her family.

  • mrsharfer

    Elizabeth Taylor had class and grace even through her addictions. When you show your hoo-haw to photographers, that is not class. Lindsey is trailer trash pure and simple. Plus she has aged 20 years in the last three. This will not reinstate her as an actress. Please Hollywood. don’t do this!

  • Hal Lee

    And another stupid movie idea, brought to you by Hollyweird!

    • Ray

      How original.

  • Jimbo

    If she goes back to her natural color, she can play the young Carrot Top in the Lifetime movie the no one will watch.

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