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FT. LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Broward tourism officials have been working hard to attract gay tourists to their beaches by promoting a gay-friendly environment, and apparently, others have taken notice. Fort Lauderdale just landed the number 4 spot on a list of the gayest cities in America.

The list was just published by The Advocate, a gay-oriented magazine that set out to determine the gayness-quotient of US cities using some criteria the magazine admitted was offbeat, such as cities with nude yoga classes, WNBA teams, and softball teams that had competed in the Gay Softball World Series, among other items.

The list also specifically avoided many cities with well known connections to the gay community.

Ft. Lauderdale was 4th on the list of top 25 cities, according to the magazine, because of a, “mass exodus from Miami, where a real estate boom priced out many gay clubs (then the boom busted)…”

“The area is teeming with gay bars and restaurants, and a ton of guesthouses and spas that run the gamut from mild to spicy.”

The article also said lesbians are starting to find the area attractive, though it pointed out the center of that scene is in nearby Wilton Manors.

By the criteria used in the article, the gayest city in America in 2011 is Salt Lake City, and the #2 spot is Orlando, based on Disney’s Gay Days and the large number of gay softball teams.

Here’s the complete list, and a link to the full article.

1. Salt Lake City

2. Orlando

3. Cambridge, Mass

4. Ft. Lauderdale

5. Seattle

6. Ann Arbor, Mich.

7. Minneapolis/St. Paul

8. Knoxville

9. Atlanta

10. Grand Rapids, Mich.

11. Little Rock, Ark.

12. Portland, Ore.

13. Austin

14. Long Beach, Ca.

15. Denver

16. Washington, D.C.

17. New Orleans

18. San Francisco

19. Pittsburgh

20. Salem, Ore.

21. Madison, Wis.

22. Eugene, Ore.

23. Oakland, Calif.

24. Boston

25. Kansas City, Mo.

Comments (2)
  1. Chucky... says:

    Way cool…

    …and you can really call Wilton Manors, Ft. Lauderdale, because it’s right in the middle of such.

    Of course, any town connected to a WNBA franchise is automatically boosted into the gay stratosphere.

    Uh, there’s nothing wrong with that…

  2. poorwhiteboy says:

    Wonderful, a third world gay state

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