Big Story:
The Heat head west young man for a west coast trip; the Panthers come home to lick their wounds, the Dolphins are in hurry up and wait mode, Tebowmania strikes again, and my long-awaited BCS National Championship pick!
When I go to the refrigerator for a midnight snack I look for…more sports.

Heat: (off Monday, next game Tuesday @ Golden State)
The Heat are enjoying a couple of days off before starting a west coast swing beginning at Golden State.
The Warriors are in a transition from being all about whoever is first across half court shooting the ball, to a defensive minded team.
It’s going slowly for the Warriors, especially without their best scorer, Steph Curry.
The Heat are fresh off back to back wins against the Hawks and Nets with LeBron playing just one game and D-Wade missing both.
LeBron came back and had 22 points in the first quarter. I wished I recovered from a sprained ankle that fast.
For the season, LeBron is averaging 30.1 points per game and shooting 60 percent and shooting 80 percent from the free throw line.
60 Percent!!!?!?!?
He’s doing that playing fewer minutes and is still averaging nearly 8 assists and 8 rebounds per game.
In other words, yikes.
Once Wade returns, this Heat team should be even more dangerous.
Plus, they may get Mike miller back on this road trip and there’s also the Big Enigma Eddy Curry still waiting to play.
I really like this team and I’m still convinced there’s no one in the NBA that can hang with them in a playoff series.
Well, Oklahoma City maybe, but I’m not sure they can hang with the Heat at this time.
I said it Friday, be afraid NBA, be very afraid.

Panthers: (vs. Vancouver Canucks, 7:30 p.m., Fox Sports Florida)
The Panthers come home after losing two straight in the New York area last Thursday and Friday.
The Cats are clinging to a 3 point lead in the Southeast division and are fading fast.
Now, they get to welcome in one of the best teams in the Western Conference into the BankAtlantic Center.
Danger Will Robinson.
The Panthers are 4-4-2 in the last team games against a Canucks team that is 7-2-1.
I hate to say it, but I’ll say it.
The Cats are eerily reminding me of the Marlins last season.
They came out storming the bastille, and now are fading faster than Rick Perry’s presidential campaign.

The Fins continue to wait to hear from the coach they desperately want and need, Jeff Fisher.
Fisher is expected to reveal where he will coach next season and it’s down to just the Dolphins and Rams.
If it’s about money, a talented roster, climate, no income taxes, he’s coming to South Florida.
If it’s about solid ownership, a franchise quarterback, and tons of cap space, he’s headed to St. Louis.
I honestly don’t know where he will go, but most pundits believe he’s going to the Rams.
If that’s the case, the Fins will likely move on quickly to some coordinator, but that could be a tough sell to the fans.
But remember, when they were hired, Mike McCarthy, John Harbaugh, and Mike Tomlin were all coordinators. Turned out pretty good for the Packers, Ravens, and Steelers.

I have a running discussion with CBS4’s Antonio Mora about when I will jump onto the Tebow bandwagon.
The answer is, not yet.
He played a decent game and pulled out the victory against an undermanned Steelers squad.
But he won the game and that’s all that matters.
I do think John Elway is dying a little bit on the inside everytime the Broncos win because he doesn’t want Tebow as his quarterback.
But it’s tough to argue with results.
That said, this weekend’s game is the true test.
If you saw Rocky IV it’s the equivalent of Rocky traveling to Russia to face Ivan Drago.
Tebow is playing the role of Rocky and Tom Brady is Ivan “I MUST BREAK YOU” Drago.
Unfortunately, Drago isn’t going to lose this one this weekend. Sorry Rocky fans!

And finally, it’s the last college football game of the season.

I’ve been hounded in the past week by people who know me asking who I think will win the BCS National Championship game.
Well, here’s my breakdown and pick.
LSU has the more talented defense, Alabama has the more skilled defense.
LSU has a better passing game, Alabama has a better running game.
LSU has the better special teams.
But, I think all of this is going to be null and it’s going to come down to coaching.
I love Les Miles’ style and his riverboat gambler mentality. I love Saban’s ability to get the most out of his team and his team’s discipline.
Soooooo…’s my pick:
LSU 13 Alabama 16
I just can’t bet against Saban losing to the same team twice in the same season.
And then it gets really fun.
Because we’ll have a split national championship, perhaps split three ways.
Bama will take the BCS championship.
The AP may split it between Alabama and LSU or Alabama and LSU and Oklahoma State.
So cheer for Bama tonight, it may be the best way to finally blow up the BCS!!!!!


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