MIAMI ( – The Bowl Championship Series, or BCS, has become the bane of many college football fans. But the most powerful commissioner in college sports says big changes could be on the way.

“I do think we are going to see changes,” Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive told “And I don’t think these changes are going to be tweaks.”

Slive said that he and the other members of the BCS will begin to focus on the various issues that plague college football without a playoff; including, how to select who will play in the BCS national championship game.

The SEC commissioner has previously pitched a “+1” format that would essentially work like the Final Four in college basketball. It would match up four teams in a semifinal and the winners would play for the national championship.

“I do think the plus-one has to come back to the table. I’m confident we will have a robust conversation,” Slive said. “I think the climate has changed to some degree and I’m looking forward to that discussion.”

The Big XII has come out in favor of the final four and the Pac-12 has called the format inevitable. The conference that has continually stood in the way is the Big Ten.


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