Bill Would Replace School Property Taxes With Sales Taxes

TALLAHASSEE (CBS4)-A House Republican on Tuesday filed a bill that would eliminate property taxes that go to public schools and replace them with increased sales taxes.

The bill (HB 1181), filed by Rep. Fred Costello, R-Ormond Beach, calls for a 3 percent “education surtax” that would start to be collected in 2013., the News Service of Florida reported. The bill would repeal property taxes, known as local required effort, that are a key part of the state’s education funding formula and other school-district property taxes that were not subject to voter approval.

The measure calls for stimulating “growth, business expansion and job creation through revenue-neutral tax reform.” The 176-page bill also would take steps to increase collections of taxes on goods sold over the Internet, which it says could eventually lead to a rollback of the 3 percent sales tax for schools. Also, it calls for imposing sales taxes on bottled water as a way to help allow for a rollback.

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  • Mark

    Sounds interesting but you know that as soon as the school charges come off of the property tax bills the city or county will increase millage rates to make up that difference and we’ll end up paying the same in property taxes plus more in sales tax.

  • Msdori

    I would first like to know how the 3% computes against the current school tax…if it is an equal savings-charge, it should be a fairer taxation. As long as local government doesn’t add more to sales taxes or millage rates where we end up paying more tax on top of tax. 3% seems a bit high to add on top of existing sales taxes…I would have to see the ‘math’.

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