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OAKLAND PARK (CBSMiami) – An off duty Broward Sheriff’s deputy was killed in a motorcycle accident in Oakland Park on Sunday afternoon.

The sheriff’s department said 45-year old deputy John Blackwelder and a friend were heading west on Commercial Boulevard when a car driven by 75-year old Stajka Vangov pulled out in front of them near NE 3rd Avenue.

“A vehicle made a left turn in front of him. He attempted to avoid the vehicle but unfortunately he couldn’t and crashed broadside into the vehicle,” said Sheriff Al Lamberti.  “Unfortunately he was killed here at the scene.”

His friend, who was on another motorcycle, was not injured.

Vangov stopped and waited on the scene for the authorities. The sheriff’s office said she was very shaken up by what had occurred.

Blackwelder, who was wearing his helmet, was originally with BSO from August 2000 until July 2007, and he was rehired January 19, 2010. He leaves behind a loving family including his two children.

Comments (5)
  1. Tammy says:

    These drivers in South FL are maniacs! They cut everybody off. And now they cut this officer off and took his life away. May that person responsible pay for this crime.

    1. Jane Doe says:

      There are too many bad drivers down here. One thing I noticed when I moved here is that people seldom use turn signals and if you use yours they speed up to avoid letting you in. At least you have to give the driver of the car credit for remaining on the scene as many do not.

  2. Sherri says:

    They not only took a life., they took a husband a father, a son and a good man.
    He will be FOREVER remembered. RIP John.

  3. Kate says:

    That’s awful. I hope his family finds peace.

  4. CAM says:

    My heart goes out to this mans family and friends. I do know that most of the time the people riding these bikes are not going even close to the speed limit. I saw one the same day of this acedent on 18th ave between Commerical and Cypress Creek, going at least 100mph in what is a 35mph zone. If anyone would have pulled out of their driveway and not seen him…he would be dead. I know that more often than not I see the riders of these type bikes not going the speed limit or using caution. I know the woman driving the car and she will probably never get over this. To the above people who just blame the car drivers must not have ever encountered the careless driving and speeding of MOST fast bike drivers. Again God bless this manns family.

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