School Nutrition Program Moves To Agriculture Dept.

(Source: AP Photo/Mike Derer)

(Source: AP Photo/Mike Derer)

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TALLAHASSEE (CBS4)-The state’s school and food nutrition program will be part of the state Agriculture Department starting Sunday.

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam pushed for a bill, passed earlier this year, that moves the school food program from the Department of Education to Agriculture, where Putnam argued it made more sense.

“This transfer is a first step in transforming the lifelong eating habits of Florida’s children,” Putnam said Friday. “I believe we can establish a foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating if we incorporate more wholesome foods, many of which are grown right here in Florida, into the meals kids eat at school.”

Starting Jan. 1 the program’s 45 full time employees will move to the agriculture agency.

The office will be headed by Robin Safley.

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