MIAMI LAKES (CBSMiami) – A teen curfew goes into effect Friday night in Miami Lakes following a chaotic Dec. 25 melee and shooting that caused police to declare a “countywide emergency” in the suburb off the Palmetto Expressway.

Police began enforcing an 8 p.m. curfew and round up unaccompanied minors starting Friday, Dec. 30th after town officials vowed to step up police presence at the outdoor Main Street Mall.

Thousands of teenagers descended on the mall in part because of a rash of Twitter and Facebook messages encouraging kids to turn out on Christmas night, according to Miami Lakes officials.

“All over the place. It was really crazy,” said Ariel Martinez, the Miami Lakes resident who posted the video of the chaos on YouTube.

There is still confusion as to what exactly happened but what officials do know is that a mob of teenagers stampeded through the shopping center when either firecrackers, gunshots, or both exploded outside the Cobb movie theater.

Police said as many as 5,000 people were gathered outside the theater when someone set off fireworks and cherry bombs which caused the crowd to scatter quickly. Many ran inside the theater where manager Jessica Cordova said an officer was punched in the face and two of her employees were attacked. Police have not confirmed reports that an officer was assaulted, or whether any arrests had been made.

Then came the gunshots. One bullet hit 16-year-old Derek Rodriguez. He was outside the theater around 10:30 p.m. when a fight broke out. He ran and didn’t realize he’d been hit until he got to his friend’s car. The bullet passed through the right side of his chest and into his bicep.

That led to town officials startin an 8 p.m. curfew for minors not accompanied by a parent.

“The efforts to say, if you want to be here, be here with a parent, that’s very appropriate,” said Dave Graveline, a radio personality who just moved his studio to Main Street. His nationally-syndicated radio show, “Into Tomorrow,” will is broadcast from a street-side studio here.

“A fine, upscale community like Miami Lakes is not where you have that kind of commotion,” said Graveline.

Police from nine agencies responded to the violence.

“In this case, I guess it was Miami Lakes’ turn to get a big crowd, and hopefully, it”s the last time,” said Graveline.

Comments (8)
  1. my dawg says:

    not all of them are bad

    the parents don’t know what is happening because many of them just don’t care

    they think having a baby will be “fun”

    they don’t care if they baby take drugs

    then the baby get shot – an a taxpayer like me has to pay for they hosiptal stay and jail time

  2. R. WILLIAMS says:


  3. z Dell says:

    The Miami Lakes authorities have waited too long do anything about this. Any now our town is poluted like the rest of the neighborhoods surround it. “Punks occupying Miami lakes ” should’ve been the caption.

  4. Steven L says:

    The Judicial system in this country as well as the social practices…are self destructive. As a result, we shall continue to decay as a society….

  5. dom says:

    of course teeneagers love to gather in droves so that they feel they are doing something big and then a couple of firecrackers go off and everyone dips. my name is dominique felicetti and i approve this message

  6. sam action says:

    5,000 uncontrolled minors running rampant without adult supervision.
    If I were a cop, I would just sit back, relax at the Donut shop, laugh and let
    the parents take care of their own kids.

  7. Me says:

    In Miami, kids are a product of their parents who are for the most part, third world trash. Not all, but too many. My neighbors kid told me the other day that his parents said I’m a piece of s*** because I don’t speak Spanish. I was just like thank you sir as the twilight zone theme song went on in my head.

  8. Shannon says:

    Sure you are a rpibulecan…Please, unless you are working for the Catholic Church… You’re comments are what speaks louder than your online ‘handle’

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