MEDLEY (CBSMiami) – A Medley Police officer’s day on the job got a little interesting after finding a dog and her three puppies taking up residence at a construction site Monday.

Officer Christian Galeano found the eight puppies in a makeshift den near the  construction site of a bridge at Northwest 138th Street and Okeechobee Road.

“Discovered two of the puppies in a drain meter. Basically, in a two foot hole.  Other six puppies were down here between some of this re bar. We didn’t find mom that day.”

When they returned the next day, they found the puppies’ mom.  She looked thin, so Officer Galeano returned the next day with food to fatten her up.

“Mom was friendly, let us get close enough to the dogs,” said Galeano.

Officers knew they had to get the puppies out of the den if they stood a chance of surviving.

“Once this bridge is completed, if we leave the puppies out here they are just going to get hit on Okeechobee Road,” said Galeano.

Officers were able to rescue seven of the puppies. The eighth was too far into the den to reach, so they left the pup and the mother behind.

So far, all seven have been adopted, including two by Officer Masbelis Perez.

“”I wanted the black one, always wanted a black dog and this one started licking me,” Officer Perez said, holding one of the two she will take home.

“Officer Galeano said his 16 month old baby and a small apartment prevent him from adopting one of the puppies,  but he just couldn’t leave them out near the busy street.

“Just trying to do the humane thing out here,” said Galeano. “Maybe putting a light thing on police work.”

Galeano said officers plan on returning to the site to rescue the mother and remaining pup in hopes they are adopted out together.






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