BOYNTON BEACH (CBSMiami) – Why does a man go to the post office to pick up a live rooster? Police in Boynton Beach say Danny Pham wanted his fowl for fighting, and that’s against the law. Pham had a date with a judge, and his mail-order chicken was saved from the cock-righting ring.

Police spotted Pham at the post office after being tipped off by Animal Control, The Boynton Beach nail technician is on probation, and has been banned from owning or having any animal as a condition.

When a postal worker handed him a cardboard box marked “Live Animal”, the cops flew in and read Pham his rights, slowly, according to the police report, because Pham claimed he didn’t understand much nglish.

Police said Pham understood enough English to say the the fowl he’d just picked up wasn’t his, but was for a friend police say he couldn’t name.

Based on the previous case for which Pham is serving probation, police seized the rooster and made Pham cross the road to the police department, where he was charged with probation violation.

The rooster is looking for a new home, preferably with vegetarians, and it’s believed the police who investigated consider this case a real feather in their cap…and that everyone but Pham now has something to crow about.


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