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DEERFIELD BEACH (CBS4) – If there was any doubt Marine Lieutenant Colonel Karl Trenker is one tough guy, Just read the transcript of the 9-1-1 recordings from last Friday.

911 CALLER: “Hey buddy sit down, sit down, they are coming right now.”

That’s the voice of a 9-1-1 caller who just saw Trenker take bullets in his chest, stomach, and the back of his head.  Instead of falling to the ground he walks back to his kids.

DISPATCHER: “The guy who got shot is running towards his kids?”

911 CALLER:”Yeah, but he’s got a bullet.  He’s got two bullets in him.”

Trenker had traveled from his home in Miramar to Deerfield Beach to sell a necklace his fiancée had posted on Craigslist.  He told CBS4 News from his hospital bed earlier this week the buyers had other plans.

“Picked it up, put it in his hand and said yeah that feels real and then he took off running, and I said really?” recalled Trenker.

With his kids he drove around the complex until he confronted the thieves again. They opened fire.

“I could feel that I was hit and I was in trouble,” said Trenker.

911 CALLER:  “he is walking with his kids right now. I’m not going to leave my truck.” DISPATCHER: “How old does he look like he is?”

911 CALLER:  “How old are you?” “49”.”He’s in great shape.”

Police arrived there moments later and arrested Jeff Steele and James Flourney.  Trenker will live with a bullet in his pelvis.

“I can’t believe this I go to Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times and I haven’t been shot or blown up and I’m here at home in Florida and here I am brought away in ambulance from a gunshot wounds,” said Trenker.

Trenker is expected to be released from North Broward Medical Center Friday.


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