Teens Stranded By Current Rescued From Haulover Bridge

MIAMI BEACH (CBSLocal) – Two teens were plucked to safety from a bridge abutment in Haulover Cut Wednesday afternoon, after strong currents forced them to seek safety.

It’s believed the two were in a kayak when something when wrong, and they were plunged into the channel. High winds had created brisk currents and the danger of rip currents on the beach.

A small fishing boat named the “Double D” tried to help the teens from the water, but they were unable to climb aboard, Instead, they made for the nearby abutment and clung there until a smaller rubber boat arrived.

The two were able to jump from the abutment into the raft-like boat, and were quickly taken to shore.

Paramedics were standing by, but the teens were apparently uninjured.

A Miami-Dade vessel appeared to have recovered a kayak that may have been operated by the teens.

  • Slick and Slim

    Very bad mistake to be playing around the Haulover Bridge..One of the most Dangerous ones. I hope they learned a lesson and go practice this someplace else. Are these from out of town or what? Don’t sound like they are from Miami Beach.

  • Slick and Slim

    These kids must not be from Miami as Haulover Bridge is very dangerous. What about the parents? Sleeping in the Hotel?

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