Terrifying Tale From Miami Teen Held Captive

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami teen who was reported missing for several days, along with her 6-month old daughter, have returned home with a terrifying tale about what happened to her while she was missing.

CBS4’s Kara Kostanich spoke to Shatevia Rice Thursday who said she was held against her will at a home with other women and forced to have sex with men which was videotaped and photographed.

The 18-year-old went missing Sunday when she left her mother’s home in the 400 block of NW 48th Street to go to a friend’s house. But Rice said when she arrived; a pimp by the name of “Daddy” took them to an undisclosed location where they were not allowed to leave.

For three days, Rice said she was forced to dress in costume, pose for inappropriate pictures, and have sex with up to ten men.

“Every man that comes has to get videotaped,” explained Rice. “Every date that comes has to get videotaped with one of the girls. He said he videotaped us to make sure nothing happened to us.”

Rice said the men would pay the pimp to have intercourse with the more than 7 girls she said are being held at the unknown location. The men would find the women on web pages the pimp created.

Rice also said she was drugged but doesn’t know with what because they were putting it in her food and drink.

Rice said her baby girl, Tamia, was kept in a room at the home and not harmed, but she said when the pimp learned her family was looking for her, he tried to hurt her. Then the pimp saw her picture on the news.

“When he saw my picture on the news, he told the girl to bring me home and to tell my parents I don’t want to stay here no more,” said Rice.

The teen and her baby, she said, were dropped off near her family’s home early Thursday morning.

“I’m happy she’s safe. I’m happy she’s okay,” said Niecey Drayton, Shatevia’s mother.

Now that Rice and her daughter are home safe, her family wants to know how something like this could happen.

“Something went wrong somewhere. We’re just trying to find out what went wrong, and where did it go wrong, and how did it go wrong,” said Drayton.

Miami police are investigating all of Rice’s claims.


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