SOUTH MIAMI-DADE COUNTY (–Police officers and federal agents swarmed U.S. 1 after a chase ended in a crash and gunfire. In the end, One person died and the other is in the hospital.

Miami-Dade police said it started with a federal investigation, headed by the Drug Enforcement Administration. A senior law enforcement source told CBS4 News that federal immigration agents, ATF agents and Miami-Dade police had targeted members of a South Dade gang for more than six months.

The source told CBS4 News that the gang was selling drugs and automatic weapons. Authorities were serving a warrant on suspected gang members when the chase ensued.

Sources said the lead law enforcement vehicle belonged to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

PBA president John Rivera said he was told two men were under investigation and had violent histories.

“This was an extremely dangerous situation from the very beginning to the very end,” Rivera said.

The alleged criminals rolled their car south of the Last Chance Saloon and then two of them came out shooting and leading police on a high speed chase, sources told CBS4. Federal agents and police immediately returned fire.

Police said they had a weapon.

“It’s definitely a high-powered assault rifle,” Rivera said.

Sources told CBS4 the chase began when undercover officers went to purchase a kilo of cocaine and a fully automatic AK47. The men allegedly tamed a DEA agent’s car and hit another police vehicle before the suspect’s truck rolled over.

One suspect was shot by a Miami-Dade officer as he tried to run into the woods. He is in stable condition. The second person was shot as he tried to get out of the car.

According to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, the two gun shot victims were sent by air rescue to Kendall Regional Hospital. One of the men later died, CBS4’s Maggie Newland reported.

The chase ended up near mile marker 126, or roughly a half-mile from the intersection of U.S. 1 and Card Sound Road just south of the saloon.

“We saw three helicopters earlier today hovering… police everywhere trying to figure out what it was,” witness Linda Finch said.

A large police presence immediately swamped the area. At least 20-30 police cars were at the scene.

Traffic was shut down in both directions on the Overseas Highway at Card Sound Road.

‘We’re blessed that none of our officers were hurt, none of the federal agents were hurt and again Miami-Dade County is a little bit safer because these two extremely dangerous people are off the street,” Rivera said.

Comments (7)
  1. Chucky says:


    Suspected gang members…?

    …and possibly illegal and alien (from this planet) too?!

    …in South Dade, and shots rang out?!

    “I don’t believe it,” the words dripped from his lips in various shades of sarcasm.

  2. Candace Lopez says:

    John Rivera sounds like a drama queen, does he wear women’s panties under ll the bravado?

  3. Luis bonilla says:

    What is the point of having 20 or 30 police officers at the scene if the gang members were caught already. Where all of you in need of OT? No wonder the city is in a crisis.. All that will change when you will have to pay for your perks.

    1. Common sense says:

      its called a crime scene of a shooting and death investigation. Debriefing and witness statements is crucial as this is investigated by the state attorneys office, internal affairs, and federal agencies. if everyone just left then some lawyer would surely find some loophole to put these thugs back on the street….

      Of course not knowing what the F@@@ you’re talking about and making an idiotic remark is the norm here…”no wonder the city is in a crisis”…….

      So is your solution to let these armed traffickers flee? do a half ass investigation and have them released?

      1. Luis bonilla says:

        Why do all the vehicles look like if they belong to the same agency. I am sure any law enforcement personnel this would be a “crime scene of a shooting and death investigation” but to the public who witnesses how police officer’s kill time, is exactly that “Dead clocks”

  4. Common sense says:

    Well did you read the article? or did you just look at the 2 pictures and come up with a conclusion? ……”Police officers and federal agents swarmed U.S. 1 after a chase ended in a crash and gunfire. In the end, One person died and the other is in the hospital.Miami-Dade police said it started with a federal investigation, headed by the Drug Enforcement Administration”

    officers that investigated chased and captured drug and arms traffickers affiliated to a deadly and violent gang is “dead clocks”?

    Iam sure you’ve never sat around the water cooler at your office and wasted the private sectors dollar …..

  5. jimmmy says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.
    The FBI and DEA where using corrupt police, gang members and mob to commit murders for them.
    Kuklinski, Eppolito and Caracappa where doing their dirty work.

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