Student In Intensive Care After Beating At Basketball Game

MIAMI (CBS4) – What started out as a simple basketball game, ended up with one student being rushed to the hospital after suffering a brutal beating.

Seventeen-year-old Christopher Lardner’s sister Angela said her brother has a broken jaw, a broken nose, and his eyes are swollen shut. Lardner is currently in intensive care.

Wednesday night, she said her brother attended a basketball game at Coral Reef High School.

After the game, “the athletic director called us and told us that Christopher was being rushed to the hospital that there was a fight that broke out that Christopher got involved in and he got really hurt.”

When her family arrived at Kendall Regional Medical Center, Angela says her younger brother was hardly recognizable.

“This is really hard, really really hard because this is my brother and I don’t want to see him like this. I can’t even look at him really. It’s just really really sad,” said Angela.

Christopher had surgery to repair his broken jaw Friday while friends and family held vigil in the waiting room.

Angela said she doesn’t know who attacked Christopher or whether he was specifically targeted, but she can’t believe a high school basketball game ended with a student in intensive care.

“I’m just worried about my brother right now,” Angela said. “I’m just hoping for a fast recovery.”


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