What do Americans care most about?  The best measure may be what we look for online.  Bing has come out with its most-searched list and it provides a fascinating snapshot of this moment in American history.

Bieber Fever is rampant.  Nothing was more searched for than the teen singer.

Kim Kardashian was the top person last year… she dropped to second.

Bad news for President Obama.  He plummeted from fifth to forty ninth.

In sports, we care more about Maria Sharapova than Tiger Woods, Serena Williams or Brett Favre, and more about Kobe than LeBron.

American Idol was again the top TV show and it did wonders for new judge Jennifer Lopez.  She soared to number five among all people, after not cracking the top fifty last year.

Depressingly, we cared more about Casey Anthony, the most-searched for news story, than about the death of Osama bin Laden (number 2), Hurricane Irene (number 3) or the Japan earthquake and tsunami (number 4).

The most popular viral video?  That terrible Friday song.  I confess, I was one of the people who helped make it number one.  And now that I thought about it, the dumb song will be stuck in my head all night long.  I hope it doesn’t get stuck in yours.

Click Here to see the full list.


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