FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Bond has been denied again for a Pompano Beach teen accused of nearly beating and stomping Josie Ratley to death last year.

Wayne Treacy’s attorney filed a motion for the courts to reconsider bond after an appeals court recently ruled in an unrelated case that a juvenile charged as an adult in a felony case was eligible for bond, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Using the same reasoning, attorney Russell Williams asked Broward Circuit Judge David Hames to grant bail to Treacy.  Hames denied the motion.

Treacy has pleaded not guilty in the 2010 attack, and Williams has said he plans to use insanity as a defense. If bail is granted, Williams said he would seek treatment for Treacy.

Treacy allegedly attacked Ratley on March 17th at the bus stop in front of Deerfield Beach Middle School after a heated exchange of text messages. Both were 15-years old at the time.

Treacy has reportedly admitted that he rode a bike to the school to confront Ratley after receiving a text message from her phone telling him to “go visit” his dead brother referring to his older brother’s body, which was found hanging from a tree in front of a church five months earlier.

Treacy reportedly told psychologist Michael Brannon when he received the text message, “an explosion went off inside” and he put on his brother’s clothes and steel-toe boots, which he used to kick Ratley in the head.

Ratley suffered irreversible brain damage from the attack.

Treacy is charged with first degree attempted murder and could face up to 50 years in prison if convicted.

Comments (3)
  1. erick d. says:

    He’s just 16 years old, why should the judge/s have him waste his entire life in jail rather than to have him rehabilitated. As the mental health specialists who evaluated him said before, he’s a emotionally unbalanced person, not someone who had the idea to hurt a fellow classmate.

  2. Retired Rick says:

    Sorry, but this character is a vicious thug, even at 15. He announced he was going to kill the girl, went home and put on steel toe boots, rode his bike to the school and got a classmate to point her out then attacked her in front of witnesses kicking her repeatedly in the head. He would have killed her except for adult intervention.

    The premeditated nature of the attack will trump any temporary insanity defense his lawyers can dream up, but its all they’ve got. The girl already has a life sentence from her injuries. This character deserves every year the judge awards.

  3. Nic Fisher says:

    How could someone say to another kid knowing his brother committed suicide and that he found his brother hanging there to “go visit your dead brother”. when i was a kid i could have never said something like that to someone like him, it’s just unbelievable. these kids are severely fckd up

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