FLORIDA CITY (CBSMiami.com) – Two Florida City police officers were injured during the chase of at least two home invasion robbery suspects.

George Owen, who lives in the 12300 block of SW 265th Terrace told police he went to bed around 11 p.m.  A short time later he heard a crash from the living room.  When he got up to investigate he found three men in the hallway wearing bandanas.  One of the men ordered Owen back into the bedroom where he was tied and taped up.   Owen said he believes the trio let in more people but he couldn’t be sure.

Owen said the men were in the house for an hour and stole a television, a safe with valuables and a digital camera.  They also stole Owen’s pick up truck and motorcycle.  After they left, Owen was able to free himself and get a neighbor’s house where he called police.

Florida City police issued an alert to all officers and a short time later the get away vehicle was spotted.

During the pursuit, an officer’s car was involved in a crash at SW 377th Street and 192nd Avenue, about seven miles from the scene of the robbery. Police did not say how the crash happened.  Firefighters had to remove the roof of the mangled police car to get the officers outs.

The two officers who were in the car were airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital.  One of the officers was released late Monday morning.

Police caught up with the two robbery suspects, ages 14 and 15, when they bailed out the stolen the vehicle at SW 320 Street and 217th Avenue.  Both were charged with home invasion robbery, armed kidnapping and armed carjacking.

Neighbors of the home which was robbed said this type of thing is happening more and more.   Jesus Anja, who lives directly next door to the house that was broken, said he’s been robbed twice and wasn’t surprise when his family found their scared and beaten up neighbor on their door step.

“My daughter recognized him and opened the door, then we saw he had been beaten by the intruders,” said Anja.

Police confirmed that they found several items from the victim’s house in the robbery suspect’s vehicle, which was also stolen.  Neighbors said they’re tired of the crime and just want it to stop.

I feel sad, how it happened to him,” said Anja, “It’s like it happened to us.”

The police officers have not been identified, but one Florida City officer who was visiting them at Jackson Memorial Hospital told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench that officer had been released and another was still in the hospital. Police say his condition has stabilized.

A spokeswoman for JMH told D’Oench that he is declining to discuss the accident.

Miami-Dade Police say the victim’s pickup truck has been recovered with some stolen items in it. The motorcycle is still missing, along with a third suspect, who police believe is an adult.

They urge you to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS if you know anything about this case.

  1. Calle 13 says:

    it is getting crazy down here the City (Florida City)

    it’s weird – the more money the gov give, the more people come here from other countries

    if you live here you know what i’m talking about – we got thousands coming here now

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