MIAMI-DADE ( – Residents of Miami-Dade may notice the water coming out of their tap is a little ‘off’ over the next week or so.

The county’s Water and Sewer Department is changing its chlorination formula now through November 20th. There may be a slight smell or taste of chlorine in the water but it is not harmful to a person’s health.

The department makes the change annually to clean out the water system.

Anyone with safety concerns can contact the Water and Sewer Dept. at (305) 274-9272.

  1. Roberto says:

    Chlorine is a suspected cancer producing agent and it is known that chlorine acts with natural carbon in water forming trihalomethanes that, in animal laboratory tests, has been proven to be cancinogenic even if the DRINKING TAP WATER has only a minimal part per billion residue of THMs. And yet, we understand our water has THMs to the maximum limit that EPA permits. Would you believe it??? EPA does permit it.

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