Burger King Rolls Out New Crown Campaign

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami-based fast food chain Burger King expects their upcoming campaign roll-out to be a “crowning” achievement, involving one of America’s most iconic statues.

The Home of the Whopper announced Monday that they are redesigning their ubiquitous crown and the meals that come with it.

According the company, the crown ” is a modern take on the classic, with brighter colors, a slimmer style and more jewels.”

The fast food chain also announced that they will ditch the paper sack for their kids meal, instead housing the food in an interactive cardboard box adorned with the crown.

To celebrate the new headpiece, the company constructed what they are calling “the world’s largest crown” and placed it atop the Statue Of Liberty to celebrate her 125th birthday. The company also contributed $125,000 to the statue’s restoration fund.




  • Chucky

    Oh, yeah….!

    The ‘King, the Burger King; one of the most recognized corporate logos and QSR’s on the planet.

    I’ve been neglecting my “King responsibilities lately. I need to get over there and patronize one of their establishments for a delicious Whopper in the near future.

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