MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – DecoBike is the latest in Miami Beach transportation, and now it’s taking its initiative into other cities.

Trying to find a parking spot on Miami Beach during a busy weekend night, even on some weekdays, can be daunting. It can be so bad, some drivers opt to turn around and drop their dining and dancing plans altogether.

The DecoBike initiative, which rolled into action in March, came about after city officials wanted to ease congestion and hoped residents and visitors pedal their way through the city through the new bike-sharing program.

“It really is the best way to get around Miami Beach, especially with the traffic and parking issues,” David Silverman of of DecoBike said.

For a 30-minute bike ride, it will cost $4. Want to rent it for an hour? Expect to pay $5. $10 will give you two hours of usage time or buy a monthly membership for $15. Plus, if you’re a member you get bonus benefits.

The program is so successful its expanding to North Miami Beach, and is making its way to other cities.

“We’re moving into New York, Long Island, Virginia Beach and a couple of other areas,” Silverman said.

It’s an alternative way to run errands or get to work that’s eco-friendly.

“It’s a great way to get from point A to point B or if you want to enjoy the scenery on Miami Beach,” Silverman said.

Gustavo Almieda said, “You can see a lot of things by bike because by car you pass too fast.”

DecoBike make it really convenient to get around for another reason. You can pick a bike up on Ocean and 10th Street and drop it off at any other location on Miami Beach.

For more on DecoBike, visit


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