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MIAMI ( – The discrepancies, or embellishments, in Senator Marco Rubio’s tale of his family’s trip to the United States took another strange turn Tuesday.

Last week, the Washington Post reported that contrary to Rubio’s official biography that said his family fled the Castro regime in Cuba in 1959; his family actually left Cuba and were admitted for permanent residence two-and-a-half years before Castro’s takeover.

His official biography was changed to say he was “born in Miami in 1971 to Cuban exiles who first arrived in the United States in 1956.

Rubio also called the report “outrageous” and said that his family were exiles because they wanted to return to Cuba, but could not.

But, National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” interview with Rubio in 2009 said that his mother returned to Cuba in 1961 to care for her father who had been injured in an accident.

Rubio said the family wanted to return to Miami, but were blocked by Castro’s government for nine months and that influenced their thinking about leaving for good.

In an op-ed in Politico last Friday, Rubio never made mention of the accident and said his family was making preparations to move to Cuba, but “after just a few weeks, it became clear that the change happening in Cuba was not for the better.”

The problem for Rubio is that he made his family’s “Cuban exile” experience a big part of his story during his rise for politics and for most in the Cuban community of exiles, they can remember in vivid detail the date, time and exact details of their flight from Cuba.

Comments (10)
  1. Howard Stein says:

    Florida has become the leading producer of corrupt politicians. Hanging chads ,a crooked governor,a lying senator,and a host of other crazy and dishonest features are the fabric of the Sunshine State.

    1. JCT says:

      What about Chicago and Barack Hussein Obama?

    2. Jose Delgado says:

      We got David Rivera…did not know where, when and if he worked..or how much he made..Is this a great country or what ?

  2. ConcernedCitizen says:

    There you go again, another lying politcian. What ever happened to someone being truthful and trustworthy. He should hang his head in shame. Maybe next election he should be the one to go. Liars, just liars all of them. Shame on you Marco Rubio. I do know when my ancestors got here and they were Christian in a Muslim society. ie religious persecution. Go back to your Cuba.

  3. Jose Delgado says:

    Rubio’s problem is that he made his parents part of his political campaign…living under communism and the misery that goes with it, when in fact, they never did…he wanted the sympathy vote and got it..
    Now the truth comes out and he is “outraged”…Like the banker telling grade schoolers he walked three miles to school everyday ashamed to admit he rode a limo ..Lies are lies unless you are a politician, then they are “spins”..
    By the way, this man was touted as presidential timber, someone elected with less than majority vote, Go figure…

  4. Belony Jerry says:

    Rubio always has been a liar and a crooked politician.Voters in Florida do not care about that. Watch they will still vote for him anyway in the next election. In addition, we have someone like Rick Scott whose company defrauded billions of dollars. Guess What, He is our Governor. in Florida, ethics and integrity does not matter as long as you have money or you can buy voter. What a shame.

  5. Luis bonilla says:

    The fact that he was from a Cuban background was enough for me not to vote for him . I have nothing against Cubans, have voted for them in the past and have been complete letdowns.

  6. CA says:

    Who cares what the actual story is.. This is the problem with the USA.. We worry about petty things.. when we should be worrying about bigger problems… LIKE UNEMPLOYMENT! I am a Rubio Supporter and he has my vote now and always!!!!!

  7. Infidel says:

    WHO cares??? With a President that can’t satisfy a nation that he is even a citizen, why would Rubio’s miniscule error be front-page news? What about Obama’s transcripts? What about Obama’s lack of leadership that has been downplayed by the press? Only idiots would let Rubio’s parental dilemma influence their vote. Don’t be an idiot.

  8. Mike says:

    Rubio is a liar and corrupt, so what else is new-He’s a politician! I am a republican but would never vote for any spic, him or any other. Miami was a paradise until they all came over, and now see what we have…..A county full of garbage and criminals.

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