Cash Strapped South Floridians Wait In Line For Section 8 Housing

HIALEAH (CBS4) – In what some are calling a sign of the times, hundreds of people stood in line for hours Tuesday to apply for low income housing in Hialeah.

Some even waited overnight at the Meadow Green apartments.

Gio Fajardo already lives at the apartments.

“I came from work at three o’clock in the morning came out right here people were sleeping they brought their beds,” said Fajardo.

Meadow Green and Russ Allen Apartments advertised they’re taking applications for their waiting lists for Section 8 apartments.

“This line is for final turning in of application then you just wait to see if you get one or not,” explained Kris Clark.  This is the first time she’s ever applied for Section 8.

Clark said the wait went smoothly,

“Organized, no skipping. They had everybody in one single line,” said Clark.

The office will accept applications again Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

By 6:30 Tuesday night, a dozen people were already waiting.

There is no guarantee anyone will get housing, though.  The applications are for the waiting list if an apartment opens up.

  • Peted

    This is a sign of the Obama Economy! When will people wake up to the reality that the president is ruining the economy!


    Somebody explain to my why I should be forced to pay for the housing of someone else who does not earn or pay for themselfs. End all the welfare and giveaways!

  • Mark

    Hope and change baby!
    2012 Can’t come fast enough.

    • Mary

      You said it brother!

    • Marot

      26 million Americans unemployed, 55 million on food stamps, gdp 1%, 45000 US factories sitting inside China, 16 trillion dollars Federal deficit a depression is on our future, its going to be rough going…..

    • Jim in Houston

      Those who voted for this trash pretend president are personally responsible for the outcome of their stupid decision.

      • Barry's CT. SSN 042-68-4425 FAILED E-VERIFY

        Another 5 letter for Fraud…

  • MrLogical

    Does this news outlet have an editor? The writing is atrocious.

    • Coolbreeze

      They were quoting verbatim the illiterate morons waiting in line.

    • Someone

      No kidding. Bad punctuation, run on sentences. But hey, our public school system is awesome.

    • Captain Incredulous

      I had the same thought. I am seeing more and more this lately. Perhaps they laid off the editor in order to save money. Now folks are self-editing and we all know what happens then.

  • David Maxwell

    Rather well fed, now aren’t they?

    • JByrd42

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. The section 8 housing-welfare recipients are always well fed, now aren’t they?

      • Waiting Common Sense to Prevail

        While I agree with you that many (perhaps most?) of people on government assistance should not be there, one thing to know is that quality foods are much more expensive than junk foods. Buying flour and sugar based foods are a cheaper way to fill stomachs. When I had income, I ate very well – vegetables, fruits, lean meats, etc. Now that I’ve lost my way of life, I don’t get to buy a lot of that. Cheap foods fill my basket, more often. I’ve gained weight and become less healthy. I’m still not on government assistance, but I tell you what, I’m about dead from working and lack of good nutrition and sleep, trying to shelter and feed my child.

  • Jesher Spelling

    Don’t worry! Barry just lowered student loan payments today, and if the student defaults – they don’t have to pay them back at all. It’s the Welfare nation baby! We are no two tribes. One tribe signs the FRONT of the check, the other tribe signs the BACK of the check and want’s more and MORE every day.

  • Juan 1

    Cain is a 100% Black American like MLK not, a 1/2 black pretender raised by a White Marxist / Communist Family such as the POTUS.

    “GO HERMAN 2012”

    …………………..and Michelle sezs, “Time for Another Vacation”.

  • zach

    Well fed and looks like half of them are looking at their cell phones!

    • Steve

      They get the phones free too.

  • Scott

    Funny how they can afford smart phones now isn’t it? Oh wait never mind those are probably welfare smart phones.

  • Dave

    From that line, they’ll go to the line for food stamps and the line for public utility assistance. Then, it’s free health care, dismissal of college loans, and a fat union pension from a job they can’t be fired from. Living off the hard work of others is less stressful than actually working.

  • chester field

    I like all the bling the one chick has on her arms with the designer clothes!!!!


    Hey, Obama Happens.

  • Booger McCoy

    Ironic that the commercial I had to watch before the video started was a plea to help the homeless of Haiti.

    Oh, and, evidently, even illegal alien whites can behave themselves better than the usual Section 8 recipients.

  • graz

    hey, what’s with the cell phones. why should tax payers pay your welfare and for your cell phones

  • Bubba Johnson

    While this story my make your blood boil, if you only knew how much the Feds were paying the owners of these properties, your head would explode. That, or you would consider offering your residence for Sec 8 housing. You too could get some of that Obama money.

  • JBar595

    We have a new National symbol to replace the eagle, it’s black and white, everything it touches stinks, say hello to the skunk.

  • Bob

    I will be glad when Michelle Bachman is president. She really knows how to eat a corn dog!

    • JByrd42

      Just like Moohelle Obama. Always shoving cr*p into her mouth.

  • Gary-BG

    Yes they seemed well fed but did you consider they could be persons that are about to loose their incomes or maybe just lost one wage earner in their households.Then as far as cell phones you can purchase a pre paid cell phone for next to nothing and add minutes whenever you have the funds.You do not have to be indigent to need help some people actually plan for the future and if that future looks bleak they act ahead of the train wreck they don’t wait till they are already in trouble and then whine about it like the occupy protesters.

  • Heg

    I question the veracity of the posted photo.

  • Jeff

    The only country in the world where poor people are fat!!

    • hamil



      Seems they can afford cell phones and designer clothes but they need to rob my paycheck to pay for an apartment…I have had enough of this insanity!

  • Sirjohnnyrotten

    they are all fat white trash. they all have cell phones , cable , flat screen tvs and dont want to pay for the own housing. They must be democrats and voted for Obama

    • Johnny99

      Yes, I like fat black trash much better.

  • Spudman54

    Obozo sure knows how to buy votes.

  • glenp

    don’t I see Obama’s ILLEGAL ALIEN AUNT ZETUNI in line there too?? the weather is so much better in theMiami area than Boston

  • CTcon

    Being obese generally is indicative of poor nutrition, not from being poor.

  • Fidel

    Hialeah is full of Cubans,,, notice the bleached hair, fat guts & cell phones. They are major scammers.

    • fidel

      your last name is Castro

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