Sparano Still Searching For Answers

MIAMI ( – After having a night to reflect on his team’s complete failure to close out a win against the Denver Broncos; Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano talked to the media in a humble tone.

“I think there was a period last night where I was hoping, sometimes I’d like to be in one of these 38-0 games where we go out and demolish someone,” Sparano said. “That’s where we were yesterday. We had a chance to draw a line in the sand.”

Unfortunately for Sparano, the Dolphins, and all of the Dolfans, the team couldn’t put together its first victory of the season. But Sparano isn’t throwing his players under the bus after the pathetic performance in the last 3:30 of the game.

“I’m responsible for the details,” Sparano told the press. “So when I talk to them, I don’t have a problem lumping myself into that. You got to do that. I think they all know we’re in this thing together.”

Sparano said that he’s heard from Bill Parcells and other football people and say they understand the situation and have given him advice. But, Sparano said he’s not looking down when he comes into work every day.

“No it’s not drudgery, I come to work every day and don’t drudge any of it,” Sparano said. “I have good men in that locker room and you guys are going to draw your own opinion, but I believe in those guys in the locker room.”

In the end, Sparano painted a simple picture of what needs to happen with his team.

“The only people that can get us out of where we are is us,” Sparano said.

  • milton

    Even with all the bad plays from the players, the call to go for 2 points ,was what cost the Dolphins the game.

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