MIAMI GARDENS (CBS4) – As fans entered Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens early Sunday afternoon, it was hard to tell if they were headed to an NFL or college football game.

“Driving down the highway it felt like I was going to a Gator home game,” said Big 105.9 radio deejay Paul Castronovo. “It was surreal.”

During halftime the Miami Dolphins honored the 2008 University of Florida Gators National Championship Team which won title in Sun Life Stadium. The presentation brought a lot of people to the game, like Patrick Rosnack, who normally wouldn’t have gone.

“I think it’s a big business decision for the team. It sells tickets. There is a big Gator contingent in South Florida. I think it was a little bit of marketing genius. I haven’t been to a game this year,” said Rosack.

Not everyone, however, thought it was a good idea since the day before the Gator’s rivals, The Miami Hurricanes, played on the field.

“To invite our main rival in here to celebrate their championship, it’s a little bit sketchy,” said UM fan Gabriel Ibarhim.

Another house splitter, if you will, was former Gator Tim Tebow in the quarterback spot for the Denver Broncos. This made it harder for die hard Gator/Dolfans to figure out who to cheer for.

During the halftime presentation, the 2008 championship team took the field, along with coach Urban Meyer, to a mix of applause and boos.

When the Broncos fell behind 15 points Gator fans like Mike Contado said he never lost the faith that Tebow would pull off a win.

“He’s number one,” said Contado, “He’ll win the game all by himself”

And sure enough he did just that – well maybe not all by himself. The Broncos beat the Dolphins 18-15 in overtime.

Comments (4)
  1. sirock says:

    You know if the Dolphins didn’t play so often they wouldn’t lose so many games, humm ya think.

  2. Eric says:

    Who the hell proofreads this stuff???? How many errors can you find in this article..

    I will start the list from Number 1.

    1. It is Big 106, not Big 105.

    Also, how many commas are omitted?? Over or Under 10???

  3. henry says:

    The Dolphins just plain STINK!!!

  4. B McLaughlin says:

    What a disgrace, and a “slap in the face” to the University of Miami, and their fans. How do you honor another school, a rival, on your own school’s home field?! It’s unbelievable. This idiotic publicity stunt backfired on the Dolphins, and was so humiliating that I’d be shocked if people don’t lose their jobs because of it.
    This type of poor decision making by Dolphin’s management is THE number one reason that this team is in the toilet. Let the rebuilding begin NOW, starting with management.

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