MIAMI ( – The winless Miami Dolphins look to finally notch their first victory of the season Sunday in what amounts to the Tim Tebow bowl.

The Dolphins decided to make Sunday Gator Day at the stadium. The team will honor the 2009 Florida Gators national championship at halftime, including Tebow.

The thing is that Tebow will also be the starting quarterback for the Dolphins’ opponent, the Denver Broncos.

It has all come together so that the Dolphins may be playing what amounts to a road game against the Broncos, even though the game is at Sun Life Stadium.

That’s because there will be more fans at the stadium to see and cheer on Tebow than there will be to cheer on the Dolphins.

But, for a franchise that has to rely on Bud Light to buy the remaining tickets to ensure a sellout, this is how low they’ve truly fallen; being glad you’re honoring a college football team and that it’s former starter is starting against the Fins to drive ticket sales.

When it comes to the game, the Dolphins are an absolute mess on both sides of the ball. The Fins can’t catch the ball, and the team can’t stop anyone on defense.

So far this season, the Dolphins defense is ranked 27th in the league, giving up more than 25 points per game. The Fins are ranked 20th in the league in pass defense and ninth in the league in stopping the run.

The Fins offense has a pretty big problem because none of the wide receivers on the team can consistently catch the ball.

Whether it’s a lack of effort, getting bullied by defensive backs, or just taking their eyes on the ball, the Fins receivers just can’t hold on to the ball.

It’s been an especially large problem for star receiver Brandon Marshall. The 6’4 receiver has dropped numerous touchdown passes and was knocked out of bounds last weekend by a passing gnat.

The bigger problem for the Dolphins defense is that the team simply can’t create any turnovers. The Dolphins are minus seven in the turnover battle on the season, which ranks then tied for 30th in the league in turnover margin.

But, the real focus of the game will be Tebow and his Broncos team. In addition, Dolphins fans, who are sick of the constant losing, may begin chanting “Suck for Luck.”

It’s a sad state of affairs for the Dolphins; but at least the Gators fans will leave happy because they get to see arguably the best quarterback ever at Florida take the field to try and beat the Fins.

  1. Brad says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to access this afternoon’s Dolphins-Broncos game
    for free on-line ?

    And/or, on which FM station is the game broadcast ?


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