MIAMI ( – Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano is living on borrowed time with the franchise and at the beginning of his Tuesday press conference, he expressed what he was thinking with a big sigh before answering any questions.

“Obviously it didn’t look like I wanted it to look, but there were some really good things on the film,” Sparano said trying to put some positive spin on the Fins’ latest loss.

But, there were problems galore across both sides of the football for the Dolphins. From no effort to stop anyone running to the end zone to turnovers to getting the quarterback killed, the Dolphins did a lot of things wrong.

“Just not consistent enough for the amount of work we put in the last two weeks,” Sparano said. “What we weren’t doing is converting third downs.”

Third downs are just one of the things that are maddening to Dolphins fans. For Sparano, the main thing is consistency and not translating what happens in practice to the field.

“I think that probably the thing that frustrates me the most is knowing the amount of work these guys put in on the practice field, to correct the things that hurt us; and then you go out there and see those things haunt you, that’s the most frustrating thing,” Sparano said.

Sparano was questioned about his questionable play-calling in the first half. The Fins chose not go for a 4th and 1 when driving early in the game, and the team took a knee with a little more than a minute to go in the first half, even though the Fins had a timeout to use.

“I wouldn’t say they were conservative,” Sparano said of the play calls. “We actually punted on fourth and one and field position is critical down there. I believe the defense stopped them and we got the ball back with field position. I knew we were getting the ball coming out of the second half and gave the quarterback an either/or play.”

But when it comes to the decision to take the knee, Sparano essentially said don’t talk to him, ask quarterback Matt Moore. Sparano said they called a pass/run option and Moore called for a run at the line.

“I really though the guys played hard last night,” Sparano said. “We just gotta get out of our own way. Some of the things that are happening to us are self-inflicted. You can’t do things at the start of the game offensively and defensively and then not continue.”

Sparano said that he had no update on Reggie Bush’s injured neck, but did say it was a coach’s decision not to put Bush back on the field late in the game. Sparano said Bush could’ve returned to the game.

The Dolphins remain a team in shambles even as the team begins preparation to be greeted like a visiting team in the home stadium thanks to Gator Day coming up at Sun Life Stadium during the Broncos game.

“The attitude wasn’t good last night in the locker room and nor should it be,” Sparano said. “I need to coach better and they need to play better.”

  1. joesr says:

    Just get back to basics. A good place to start…make the receivers take off those gloves and relearn to catch the ball again. Once they can do that in practice, let them wear them in the games. I guarantee…they will catch the ball better. And start kicking some butts to get the players attention back.

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