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MIAMI ( – As dozens of Miami-Dade County Police officers await D-Day, the tension and anxiety is building.

Ninety officers are expected to be laid off by November. One of those people is Officer Alvaro Zaldivar who’s been on the force for a year.

“It’s very troublesome because I have a newborn, two-weeks-old, and you’re trying to provide for your family, my wife doesn’t work,” said Officer Zaldivar.

It’s a looming burden that troubles him as he works the streets of the Hammocks District.

“It’s in the back of your head while you’re working and in this job when you gotta be on your toes,” Zaldivar said. “It doesn’t help the situation when that’s all you’re thinking about is the next step.”

For Sgt. Ricardo Toledo, it will be a step down. He is one of dozens expected to be demoted to save money. The 18-year veteran said he’s disappointed, but keeping things in perspective.

“It’s tough ‘cause I know how much I worked for this promotion,” said Sgt Toledo. “But it’s nothing compared to the other 90 guys.”

Those ninety officers are hoping the rest of their co-workers take concessions to save their jobs.

Comments (2)
  1. Steven says:

    Here is the problem that plagues every city ~~> “Those ninety officers are hoping the rest of their co-workers take concessions to save their jobs.” ~~ The greedy that are at the top won’t make concessions so that all may keep their positions. They want to keep the outrageous salaries that happened when the economy was booming, now the won’t let go.

  2. Robert Smith says:

    They should be ” THE ” Police Force for Miami-Dade County. It would cost the citizens a lot less. And not just speaking money.

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