WESTON (CBS4) – A Cypress Bay High School band booster is accused of a series of sickening crimes — luring teenage boys to his Weston home with booze, pot and porn then engaging in lewd acts.

Michael Scott Jacobs, 43, is accused of hosting the sleepover parties for a period of two years beginning in July 2009. The Broward Sheriff’s Office says several of the teen victims were only 12 or 13 years old when the sleepovers began.

The allegations are grotesque — that while watching the pornography Jacobs touched himself inappropriately and encouraged the boys to do the same. BSO Spokesperson Jim Leljedal said Jacobs is also accused of touching one of the children inappropriately.

“We have one documented instance where he had physical contact with one of these boys in an indecent manner,” Leljedal told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

BSO says Jacobs is a booster for the Cypress Bay High School Band. A website for the school band lists Mike Jacobs as president of the boosters. BSO says it’s not clear whether all the teenage victims are members of the band.

Multiple people connected to the band confirmed that the band is currently in Lehigh Acres taking part in a competition.

CBS 4 News reached out to several other people listed as being part of the boosters. None of them returned our calls or emails for comment.

BSO says the case against Jacobs is a warning to parents that sometimes strangers aren’t the only ones for kids to avoid.

“We talk a lot about stranger danger and how you have to be careful with strangers and stuff when in fact most crimes — most sex crimes — involve people who know each other,” Leljedal said. “Even though this is a man who is known by the parents, known by the kids, he’s trusted. You can’t be too careful.”

One person closely connected to the band and who knows Jacobs told CBS 4 News they’re shocked by the news of Jacobs’ arrest and hope it doesn’t reflect poorly on the band.

According to a copy of a search warrant in the case, detectives removed two computers from Jacobs’ home along with several DVD’s. Investigators also took two DNA swabs inside the home.

BSO says they fear there might be more victims of Jacobs in the community. Anyone with information regarding Michael Jacobs is asked to contact the BSO Special Victims Unit at 954-321-4240.

In addition to the lewd and lascivious charges, Jacobs also faces 20 related counts, including contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Jacobs is being held in the Broward County jail on $50,500 bond.

Comments (5)
  1. Carol says:

    Another booster getting to close to the children don’t we learn from what happened at U or not.

    It doesn’t seem so does it.

    1. justsaying says:

      Two totally different situations.

  2. schooldaze says:

    Is there anyone in the mismanaged Broward County School District that cares? The SROs are completely useless and a waste of tax money.

  3. B McLaughlin says:

    What kind of idiot let’s their pre-teen and teen CHILDREN go to a SLEEPOVER with a 43 year old man. I truly believe that people are getting more ignorant every day. Maybe it’s time to start screening people for basic intelligence and common sense. If you don’t have any, “sorry, we can’t let you endanger any children because of your stupidity”.

    1. Guest says:

      One thing this report didn’t say was that he had a son! It wasn’t a sleepover with Michael, but a sleepover with the son! This is A LOT of omission in all of these news articles!

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