MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Charged with drug possession, OutKast rapper Big Boi was ordered to pay $2,000 to two organizations as part of an agreement reached between prosecutors and his defense attorney.

During a hearing Thursday morning, he was also ordered to do 15 hours of community service per month and take a drug test every 30 days for the next 90 days.  His last test came back clean.

The money will be split equally between the county’s drug court and Voices for Children.  He was ordered to re-appear before the judge on Nov. 10th.

The Grammy award-winning singer, whose real name is Antwan Patton, was returning from a cruise in August at the Port of Miami when a specially trained K9 ‘alerted’ to the scent of drugs on him.

When U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents patted down the 36-year old Patton they allegedly found Ecstasy, Viagra pills and a cigarette roller with marijuana residue. Patton was also accused of carrying MDMA, which is the main ingredient in Ecstasy.

Patton was charged on three counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Patton is best known as one-half of the hip-hop duo OutKast, which includes Andre 3000. The group won six Grammys and has released six albums. Patton made his solo debut last year.

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  1. Albro says:

    As a long-time teacher, this is just another example of the fact that “a certain group” of our students continuously receive the message that illiteracy is ‘cool’, Mr. ‘BOI”! Thanks so much for reinforcing that ! And now you can blame all the TEACHERS for failing to help all of ‘ yo bruthats’!

    1. Bilak says:

      Its funny when you talk about illiteracy when the guy was busted with ecstasy and mdma the maybe look at how he is making drugs look ‘cool’

  2. Donna Lusciousdc Sayles-Corbin says:

    Albro… YOU AGAIN? Every article about Blacks, and you’re right here to bash us. You have a REAL issue with Blacks that you really need to see about before you get “seen” about. What makes you think he’s illiterate or promotes illiteracy? You are a HATER of ANYTHING Black. It’s not up to this man to teach our children jack! It’s up to our kids’ parents and teachers. Thank you. Quite trying to blame the lack of caring teachers on this man. You want to blame him because your kids are STUPID.. Learn your parental responsibilities. And quite trying to promote you bigotry towards Blacks.

  3. bmac says:

    Nice come back but you spelled quit wrong, boooo

    1. getaneducation says:

      She also misplaced several commas, and the “you” in the last sentence should be “your”. Also, Donna, I didn’t see the word “black” in Albro’s reply. There may be other posts that make that point specifically, but I’m not going to troll the internet looking for them. Going around threatening someone that they will get “seen” about is ignorant. It’s people like you that perpetuate stereotypes. If you and your “race” don’t want to be seen as ignorant, lazy, and illiterate, then don’t act like it. Prove us all wrong. We’re waiting…..

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