MIAMI (CBS4)-A new kind of social media is growing by the moment. Like Twitter and facebook, Tout helps to get the message across, but there is a difference.

With is that participants can send their message via video and share life’s moments with friends and family.

Debbie Wechsler showed CBS4’s Jorge Estevez her latest video on Wechsler is a South Florida business woman who signed up on Tout to promote her very own jewelry line, Tarnish.

“I can be at a party and take a snippet of someone (with jewelry) and take a video. It is jewelry in live action,” said Wechsler.

Getting that live action is easy. All people have to do is go to click, sign up, enter their email, followed by a password and you can begin recording life’s moments via Web cam or simply download the application to your smart phone.

Moments can be from around the world.

“Short succinct communication provides a richer more immersive way to communicate and engage with an audience,” said C.E.O. Michael Downing.

Audiences are catching on. Tout now has millions users, among them, Jeff Probst, host of the CBS’ Survivor. He touted his reasons for being on to Estevez.

“Why do I like Tout? Number one, I like the immediacy about it. You just Touted me and I am in my car and I can Tout you back, and when you think about doing it with Survivor fans you think about it both ways,” Touted Probst.

It is an instant conversation captured on video that can help one South Florida woman’s business shine.

“It is fast. It is easy. You hit a couple of buttons and it goes out to the world,” said Wechsler.

Another cool feature about Tout is that you can link it to your Twitter and facebook account so your Tout moment can go to all your friends right now, even if they are not on Tout.

When you sign up, find Jorge Estevez at EstevezTV and CBSMiami. Start following us to help continue the conversation.


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