NW MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – Police are investigating an incident after two people were injured during a machete attack, which ended with a fatal police-involved shooting for the alleged attacker.

Miami-Dade police were on scene Friday afternoon at Northwest 181st Street and 54th Avenue. Police shot the machete-wielding attacker, CBS4’s Maggie Newland reported.

When police came to the scene they recognized the alleged attacker by a description. That officer saw the man with his hands in his pants. Police said the attacker lunged at the officer when she arrived. The officer felt threatened for her life and that’s when the officer shot the man, Newland reported.

While police investigated the scene, family members watched, waited and worried.

Sheila Caldwell said one of the victims was her cousin, Angela Heath, and the other was Heath’s friend.

“I just pray that the both of them make it…I’ll put it like that,” Caldwell said.

According to family members, and police two people were attacked by a man with a machete.

Caldwell said it was a horrific scene.

“(There was) nothing but blood everywhere,” she said. “They had her down there laying on the ground naked working on her. They guy…they had to wrap him up because he was all cut up, like in pieces, from head on down.”

machete attack2 1 Dead, 2 Injured After Machete Attack

The body of a person was covered by police. (Source: CBS4)

Caldwell said the attack happened after Angela went to police to try to get a restraining order against an ex.

“He threatened to say he was going to chop her up,” Caldwell said.

According to Caldwell, when Angela came home her ex was waiting.

“He was waiting,” she said. “He came out in his underwear with a machete, chopped her and chopped the guy up too. The guy was chopped up real bad.”

Heath’s daughter, Trenesia Heath Monroe says she saw the entire attack happen and immediately called 911.

“I saw (my mother’s friend) John at the door, knocking on the door, and (my mother’s ex boyfriend) Jose came out and just started chopping him with a machete. John was just falling on the ground, trying to defend himself….Jose turned around and charged at my mom and chopped at her maybe three or 4 times,” said Monroe.

Initial reports said one of the people involved suffered a severed hand.

Air-rescue was on the scene and took the injured to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

“They had to airlift her because she almost didn’t make it and we still don’t know now,” a relative who wanted to be called Nise said. “We are calling the hospital to see if she made it, and the guy that was her friend he cut him up real bad like he was a piece of meat.”

Caldwell said the attacker was outside after the attack and attempted to flee the scene.

“After he cut him he was still standing right there,” she said. “After he heard the sirens that’s when he ran and jumped the gate with his boxers and a machete still in his hand… he jumped the back gate.”

Neighbors said the man ran until he was shot. Police said he dropped the machete when he left the crime scene and took off running.

Hours later his body was still lying in the street.

Family members said both victims are in critical, but stable condition.

Comments (6)
  1. yokolee says:

    Breaking Up is hard to do….

    the police saw the man dropping the machete, but that dint stop
    the police to kill the man

  2. xoxoxxoxo says:

    let me guess….the same people who called police are the same people who want police officer laid off right??? just asking….that’s all…..

    1. Noway says:

      Yes, we want you to be the next one to be laid off.

  3. richneli says:

    I witnessed a machete fight once in high school, the two guys looked like Cuban samurais.

  4. rpeti says:

    please don’t tell me the cop is in trouble for shooting this guy. anyone capable of doing this to someone deserves a bullet.

  5. me says:

    I guess that’s what happens when you start chopping up people. Glad we don’t have to worry about him, or support him in prison. Hope the two victims survive.

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