FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Ft. Lauderdale Public Works crews have finally shut off the valve which allowed water to gush from a main break, flooding Powerline Road and leaving around 50 homes without water.

It took crews hours to locate the valve, bringing in “line locators” who check for other utility lines buried under the street so they will have a clear idea where to dig to repair the line.

Public Works crews are working throughout the night to restore water to the affected homes. Once the water is restored officials say a precautionary boil water order will be in effect.

The areas affected are:

– Properties facing Powerline Road (N.W. 9th Avenue) from N.W. 19th Street to N.W. 13th Street

– Properties facing N.W. 16th Street from Powerline Road to N.W. 12 Avenue

All tap water used for drinking, brushing teeth, cooking or other consumption should be brought to a rapid boil for at least one minute.  Tap water is okay to use as is for washing and bathing.

Powerline Road should be reopened for the Thursday morning commute.

The break happened at Northwest 16th Street, just west of Powerline Road said Monique Damiano, spokeswoman for the city’s public works department.

“I thought it was an accident,” said resident Willene Brockington. “I came out and the water was rushing up.”

The 8-inch water main break started gushing water Tuesday night and sent this neighborhood scrambling. By Wednesday morning, many neighbors decided they weren’t going anywhere.

“Too much water, I can’t go,” said Jeanie Anitus. All the water forced Anitus to keep her kids home from school. “Too much water. I’m very afraid.”

The water is as deep as four feet in some areas. At this point, none of the homes have been flooded.

“Currently, the area is secure and it’s safe. There’s no public safety threat,” said Damiano.

Ccrews have set-up barriers to re-route traffic around the work area. Traffic in both directions is moving with both directions using northbound lanes, but officials said drivers should expect delays and seek alternate routes.

“I’ve got almost another eight inches of lift before it gets into my house, so I’m alright,” said Fredrick Miles whose home is surrounded by water.

For more information, call Fort Lauderdale’s 24-hour customer service line at (954) 828-8000.

Comments (4)
  1. Chad Singer says:

    It seems that you guys missed part of the story. I assume it was an 8 Inch main not and 8 ince… Goot to know CBS Miami is as thorough as CBS Chicago in proofing stories!

    1. ADMIN says:

      Or, Chad, you. “Goot”? “AND 8 ince”? See how easy it is to miss…and we write hundreds of stories a week. You just had one comment to write, 36 words, throwing stones at our minor error, and you didn’t even check your own work well enough two catch 2 errors! D’oh! Hey, we make spelling mistakes. We’re human. We fix em and move on.

  2. Stephan Lottier says:

    there are pipe in this country that are a hundred years old,made from brick and morter.just like the romans built theirs.when their were still craftsman that cared about the work they did.and here this pipe is less than a year old!!!!24 HOURS OF NONSTOP WATERLOSS!!!

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