CORAL GABLES (CBS4) – A Miami family is mourning a woman who they say was a loving mother to five adult children and seven grandchildren. Around 4 A.M. police say 68 year-old Eyder Ayala died after she was rear-ended by 19 year-old Ivanna Villanueva.

“We don’t know why this had to happen to someone like this, someone who was good to everyone,” said Anwar Sadeek who is married to the 68 year-old’s granddaughter.

The fatal accident happened at the intersection at LeJeune Road and Majorca Avenue.

Police say Villanueva was traveling at a high rate of speed instantly killing the 68 year-old.

Ayala’s family said they got worried when she didn’t come home from work at the McDonald at SW 42nd Avenue and 9th Street where she’s worked for more than 20 years as a manager.

“She was awesome person,” said Sadeek. “That’s the hardest part of this.”

Late this after police arrested Villanueva and charged the teen who is a University of Miami student with vehicular homicide. Now Ayala’s family is trying to come to grips with the reality that their hard working mother and grandmother is gone.

“I hope we get answers soon,” said Sadeek. “I just hope everyone heels as fast as they can.”

Police say a DUI charge is pending investigation. Villanueva is expected to make her first court appearance Monday morning.

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  1. victoria says:

    Yea I hope she remembers what she did for the rest of her life, I know my family will. I have to explain to my brothers and sisters why they’ll never see their grandma again.

    1. anonymous says:

      you dnt knw what she was doing or how it happened do u really think she tried to kill her… no so before u start incriminating someone think!

      1. victoria says:

        It was a DUI, I volunteered for a fire department for 5 years and I’ve seen bad accidents but DUIs are the worst. I dont care how bad your life is you never get behind the wheel of a car and endanger someones life. Drinking and driving is 100% avoidable so there is no excuse.

      2. UPPLRLOST says:

        lets someone kill ur mom because they just had a good time and didnt know any better. lets see how u deal with it. EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOM KNOWS NOT TO DRINK AND DRIVE SO WHATEVER U AND ALL THESE FOOLS HAVE TO SAY IS WORTHLESS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. abootnkiki says:

      explain?are they all infants?

      1. victoria says:

        A 3 yr old boy, 5 yr old girl, 6 yr old girl, 10 yr old boy, 16 yr old boy and we are just some of the many other grandchildren. She was the mother of 5 and has more grandchildren.

  2. Hit-Run says:

    Why was my comment removed??? Oh, it probably made too much sense. All the people in Miami care about is eating out of lunch trucks and romero britto paintings.

    1. Andrew Rodriguez says:

      you really have no idea what you’re talking about you disgusting uncultured swine

  3. Bob says:

    Hey has some nice paintings though.

    1. ArtistBri says:

      They are nice. The paintings look like a 2nd grader did them? Maybe if the covers of the driver’s handbook have a picture of romero britto’s paintings this will entice more people to obey the traffic laws.

  4. mark says:

    Eye for an eye, should be anyway.

  5. waste says:

    She was probably texting while driving. This generation is a complete waste.

    1. emily says:

      this generation is what you have to carry on your legacy, oh but that is right, just as your name says your a waste. It is people like you that make this generation a waste. not people like her. from high-school to university she has had extremely good grades and has done a good job learning to become a better human being. the waste is you commenting on this and trolling. get out of here

      1. waste says:

        Emily, you are such a dumb idiot! What if it was someone in your family that she killed?

      2. emily says:

        if it was someone in my family i would feel the same way you fool! i am not saying i do not feel for the other family, i am just saying she made a mistake like you and many people have done before and she is going to pay for it. you make mistakes and you pay for them. however that give you ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to call her or anyone else a waste because i assure you one day something like this will happen to you.

        i can tell you are one real educated human being, ” such a dumb idiot” nice, at least my education has gone farther than yours. get real

    2. victoria says:

      Im young and you make a good point, people today just dont care or think ahead, lucky for us not all of us are that unattached to reality.Some of us push ourselves and try to better our communities and environment so that the next generation has a chance to see all the good the world has to offer. so dont give up on all of us bc of the stupid few that let us down.

  6. anonymous says:

    your a waste

  7. anonymous says:

    believe what you want

  8. eve says:

    if there was a dui investigation its because most likely she was drunk, u obviously never lost someone because of someones stupid decision….so stop defending the girl because the pain it caused her family its way worse than what u think

  9. Michael says:

    Anonymous…..I really want to know who you are. Your “friend” took away my aunt’s life and there is nothing in this world that can fix that. You tell me who has fault: a foolish 19 year old (probably intoxicated) or a 68 year old that was driving according to the speed limit?

    RIP Tia Eyder. I will forever miss you and it still hasn’t hit me that this has happened to such a beautiful person. Watch from us up there. Take care of your sons, daughter, and grandchildren. I love you and god bless

    1. emily says:

      the 19 year old is at fault no doubt, but this world is cruel and things happen, this is a learning experience for you and her. for you to learn to love and respect the time you have because any moment life can be taken away, for her to think before she does things. this may be a terrible situation but you must not focus on this girl and hate her for she messed up and everyone does but focus more on the memory of your aunt

      1. erika says:

        EMILY…um, sorry. you cant forgive somebody that drives knowing they are drunk. how many people have died because of drunk driving?? and thats something u hear every time u its not like u might forget. every single person with a license knows that. thats a dumb girl whos poor decision has ruined peoples hearts forever. i hope she gets locked up for life.
        AND remember what i said, everybody that owns a drivers license knows not to drive drunk. stop commenting on this, ur pathetic and u have to let these affected people say whatever they want. and yes, this generation is all about their little iphone and texting and being trendy in lala land.

  10. Odi says:

    My deepest feelings of condolences to the family that lost their family member in such a tragic way. IF there is a DUI involved, the judicial system should enforce the strictest law present. This is very, very sad – one family’s life is marked with an untimely death, and the other with a young girl being charged with causing a fatality. My prayers are with them.

  11. Generation X says:

    It is not about who is dwelling with more pain or which family has it worse right now. It’s about how 2 families are dealing with the tragedy, the loss of a loved one on one side and the repercussions of a mistake that took a life. You don’t make it to old age without going back into your memory vault and asking “what if…” we hadn’t been so lucky in the crazy, “stupid” stunts we all pulled off at a young age. In regards to her “remembering for the rest of her life” believe me, you don’t forget taking a life. If you are talking about explaining to your brother’s and sisters what happened you must be somewhat young (if what the report says is correct), and while it is never easy to explain that, hate only makes things worse and never makes the pain go away. If you are as young as I suspect you are you will realize, or maybe you already have, that this may have very well happened to you or someone close to you. In regards to the teen I can only pray for her and her family since this is also a trying time for them. We shouldn’t be quick to judge someone out of a few words written by reporters, and even though this is a terrible event, we should never treat someone as we wouldn’t want to be treated.

  12. thetruth says:

    Lets move on!

  13. nicole says:

    My apologies and prayers go out to you and your family. Your grandmother is in a better place now.
    I understand this is a difficult time but try to watch what you say right now, there hasn’t been a conclusion to the investigation, and you may be saying sorry later on.
    Generation X, your post was dead on, thank you for that.
    Watse, You’re speaking out on something you know nothing of, therefore, shut up.
    Mark, you’re kidding, right? Let’s wait and see what comes out of the investigation before we make stupid comments.

    This is a very difficult time for family and friends of both the teen and the deceased. Prayers are what is needed right now, not negative immature posts. Get offline and go be with your familes and friends.

  14. Jose C. Laos says:

    I hardly ever leave comments, mainly because it grows into an unnecessary argument. However, first and foremost I would like to offer my sincerest and deepest condolences to the family of Eyder Ayala. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this very difficult time.

    Also, to all the readers who posted comments. Please be kind in realizing that Ms. Villanueva will live with this for the rest of her life. No matter what happens in her life, good or bad, she will have this lingering on her for the rest of her life, causing her tremendous pain, to which we need not add by placing ridiculous comments. Her actions lead to someone’s death and I can assure you she is fully aware of the consequences. I do not know either party, I speak only as a reader who came upon this post, but I know that both families are at a loss here and I find it incredibly rude that we are judging on experiences we are not living. Most of us will wake up tomorrow and continue with our lives, while the Ayala’s and Villanuevas will keep rehashing this event everyday for the rest of their lives. So let’s act like humans. We all make mistakes. Let’s learn from this and be adults. Insults and opinions will not change the past. It is what it is. Let’s focus on the future and show our support for both parties. I know Ms. Villanueva drank and her actions have caused dire consequences, but she has suffered enough. So please, be kind. I repeat that both families have suffered enough.


  15. Nick says:

    I usually never write on these things because it’s usually just full of angry and ignorant people; however, this hits close to home for me. Having lost my father to a drunk driver as well, I certainly know what this family is going through and all the rage and anger that comes along with a tragedy like this. Everyone knows what they are SUPPOSED to do, but that is very different from what people normally do. Things like this should never happen but they do, every single day.
    I am also friends with Ivanna, she is one of the nicest people I have probably ever met so this has forced me to see this story from two points of view. What she is going through is definitely not easy. The regret and pain she feels now is something that should not be wished on anyone and I am afraid it is only going to get worse as the trial continues. I know she would do anything to go back that night and do things differently, but she cannot.
    Its terrible to see what some people write on these forums but that is life and i can certainly not force anything to change their opinion, but i can try to help some understand its not all black and white.
    My deepest condolences go to the family of Ms. Ayala and ofcourse to my friend Ivanna. Its not easy but we are with you every step of the way.

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