MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Three Miami police officers, patrolling on bicycles as part of a certification class, have been sent to the hospital after they were struck by a car Thursday on US1. The highway was closed while the accident was investigated, but has since reopened

Keandra Simmons, a spokesperson for the Miami police department, said the officers were in the area of US 1 and SW 27th avenue, near Coconut Grove, when they were apparently struck by a car.

The injured officers have been identified as Renee Beaudry, age 44, a third-year officer, Richard Diaz, age 41, a ninth-year officer and Miguel Mercado, age 47, a second-year officer You need to download the latest version of flash player to use this player

CBS4 Reporter Tiffani Helberg reported that the officers involved in the accident were taking part in a certification program to become part of the city’s bike patrol.

All three officers were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center.

Ignatius Carroll, spokesperson for Miami Fire Rescue, said the officers had non-life-threatening injuries. Witnesses on the scene said other officers may have been slightly injured in the accident, but not seriously to require hospital treatment.

It was a tense morning for members of the Miami Police Department as the call came in on the police radio.

“The first thing that came over the radio was that there was three officers down,” said Major George Colina, of the Miami Police South station. “So at first, of course, it was terribly frightening and then we understood what had occurred which was an accident and we were still concerned but felt a little bit better.”

Colina said Beaudry might have a broken leg and other injuries. Investigators said she was thrown from her bike and smashed into the windsheild of the SUV.

“They took her in to get some more tests done,” said Colina. “She’s got some pain in her side she may have a cracked rib perhaps.”

Officer Richard Diaz walked out of the hospital on his own with a bandage on his leg Thursday afternoon.

“Very scary, very scary, it was an accident it happens,” said Diaz.

The driver of the blue SUV remained on the scene after the officers were struck. From Chopper 4, damage could be seen to the car’s windshield consistent with something large striking the windshield. The bikes the officers were apparently riding were nearby, and did not seem to be badly damaged.

The driver of the SUV told Nelson that she had the green light at the intersection when the accident happened. It was raining at the time of the accident, and police at the scene told Nelson that an officer had pulled his car up to stop traffic so the officers in the certification program could pass through, but apparently the driver did not see that.

US1 was shut down in both directions from SW 27th avenue to the entrance to I-95 for about 90 minutes. Officers detoured traffic around the area, but there were significant backups.

Comments (11)
  1. John R Davis says:

    Bought an old bike for exercise. Used to ride up and down the Prado in Coral Gables. Had to give it up. Almost got hit once and I actually hit a car once. Both jerks don’t know that a STOP sign means STOP, not slow down from 50 to 30!
    Hope these gentlemen are ok, this saddens me but with all the jerks on the road it doesn’t come as a surprise. We don’t need more laws, but we DO need to strictly enforce them. and to all you TALKERS and TESTERS out there–STOP before you kill someone!!!.

  2. Carlton Glüb says:

    Editorial comment: I’d urge you not to say “struck by a car” because it takes the agency away from the driver of the car who is ultimately responsible for the incident.

    1. ADMIN says:

      Carlton; The fact is the car struck the person, and that’s what we said. The responsibility of the driver is a still-to-be-determined legal issue. Unless the driver gets out of a car and smacks the victim, he or she did not strike the victim.

  3. HowardSchriss says:

    John R. Davis were you commenting on the “TESTERS”? Do you mean people actually take the SAT test while they are diving? John, don’t you know by now that in Miami the sidewalk is considered part of the stree

  4. copper says:

    OMG the cops were injured, let’s close down the city. Hopefully, they will recover quickly… NOT.

  5. OFFICERSBRO says:


  6. John Q Public says:

    Cops ran the red light and got hit by the lady in the SUV. If anybody is to blame, it;s the idiots on the bicycles not following the law of the road.

  7. dude says:

    it was green ,,,why they didnt wait until red…of course they will make this person guilty even she/he wasnt

  8. MicroT says:

    Wow!!!! No hit and run? That’s highly unusual for South Florida.

  9. fg-1 says:

    I hope the SUV is okay.

  10. Sol says:

    My sister Celeste Gaitan was killed by an elderly driver who couldn’t tell the difference between the brakes and the gas pedal. This lady couldn’t see the lights warning her to stop???? Senior drivers can renew their license even if they are no t capable of even walking just because there’s no regulation s that state otherwise. Glad to know the officers survived to tell their story!!!

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