CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) – A teen was killed and a school was damaged in an early morning accident Saturday in Coral Springs. The teen was in a car that may have run a flashing traffic light.

17 year old Alejandro Romeo of Coral Springs died at the scene of the collision, on Coral Ridge Drive at Riverside Drive.

Spokesperson Lt. Joe McHugh said the teen was a passenger in a car driven by his mother,  52-year-old Maria Uribe, also of Coral Springs, when it was hit by a truck driven by Wayne McIntosh of Hollywood shortly after midnight Saturday.

“I ran across the street to the … truck to see if I could help,” said Kim Jackles, a witness to the accident.  “There was a gentleman who had gotten himself out of the cab and had severe head injuries and another man screaming that he couldn’t feel his legs and he couldn’t get out. ”

McHugh said the traffic light at the intersection was set as a flashing signal. The light in McIntosh’s direction was set to yellow, which would have allowed him to move through the intersection.

The light in Uribe’s direction was set to red, according to investigators. Under state law, the driver must stop and make sure the intersection is clear before going through. Uribe was taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. McIntosh and his 19-year-old passenger, Claude Noralis, were more seriously hurt and were taken to Broward General Medical Center.

“We did get several witnesses that advised us that the Honda civic never stopped for the red flashing light,” McHugh said.

McHugh said McIntosh hit Uribe’s car in the intersection, but continued over the sidewalk and into the Riverside High School building, causing what police called “extensive” damage.

“What we think happened to the driver of the…truck,  the driver we think was knocked unconscious which caused the truck to continue southbound,” McHugh said.

Broward County Schools said the accident left a gaping hole in one classroom. School officials moved to make temporary repairs, but said students in that classroom will have to be temporarily moved to another classroom Monday while repairs are completed.

“District and school staff is working to prepare for minimum disruptions and to assure for a smooth transition,” the district said in a statement released Saturday afternoon.  “Parents of students affected by the classroom relocation are being notified of the necessary adjustments and accommodations.”

The district said extra support staff will be on hand Monday to help the displaced students and staff.

Comments (6)
  1. Me says:

    Every morning and afternoon, to and from work, all I do is wonder how some people are even allowed behind the wheel, or what makes them tick. Ethics and courtesy do not apply in South Florida. I’ve been here for eight years now and am from up North, and I’m still in culture shock.

  2. titi says:

    I agree with you. There is no logical explanation for the behavior of South Florida Drivers. Culture shock is a good way to describe it, i moved to the south two years ago after living in Miami all my life, and now when i go back to visit my family, i always wonder how i even made it as a driver down there. Is as if people have no respect for life and they dont care about anything at all when driving. It is a crazy place for drivers!…..Its a gorgeous city full of morons on the street!
    So sad this kid had to died because his mother could not follow the rules! 😦

    1. YES! says:

      That is sooo true! i live in the south now too….going back to Miami every holiday gives me a headache because of all the IRRESPONSIBLE DRIVERS! 😦 sorry for this kid! There is no hope for Miami Drivers!

    2. family of the dead kid says:

      This kid died because is mom was tired from working all week, on a friday night she went to pick her son up and dosed off at the wheel. Now she has to live with that for the rest of HER life. I forgot , everyone is perfect.

  3. A Good Friend Lost says:

    To the family of the dead kid….
    If she was that tired from working all week, someone, like yourself should have picked up her son instead, so that she could get some rest and he would be here with his friends and loved ones. Just saying…

    A Good Friend of the dead kid…

  4. DatsLife says:

    Way to go City Furniture! That same day delivery is paying off. Why would you have employees delivering that late? Hey you met your financial quota so that’s all that matters.

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